Heart For the Arts

I am blown away by all the homeschoolers signed up for pen-pals! 158 were matched!! Thank you all ~ what joy it’ll be for those homeschoolers to receive letters! Don’t worry moms – there is something in the works just for you too.

This week we’re talking art! In our home “art” literally means paint and brush. Both my husband, a golf course architect, and my son are artists! In my parents home I grew up watching “art” develop in the basement dark room beside my parent’s love for photography. In my heart art is where Yo-Yo Ma plays Bach as Monet’s water lilies dance over Robert Frost’s yellow wood – (and I pretend to be a writer)!

“The Arts” encompasses so many wonderfully creative expressions of beauty: Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, Visual Arts, Decorative Arts, Applied Arts, Design, Crafts, and Performing Arts!

This week we are sharing each family’s heart for the arts! Be ready to post a picture of your homeschooler enjoying art and what you are planning on teaching! Don’t forget — Wednesday our veteran homeschoolers on The Panel will chime in on the arts!

** Claude Monet, White Water Lilies

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