I love history.  One of my favorite things to do here at the HSV is share the On this Day in History facts with you!  History is important!

This week we are going to chat History – you’re personal historyWhen did homeschooling touch your timeline?  Did you know you’d be a homeschooler at conception, or like me … you had never considered it (and was talked into it by your spouse)?  Did someone help you get started?  Our panel will share when they decided to homeschool and what was their initial reaction!  Link up Thursday and share your history!

Today – The HSV Newsletter – Edition 1

We are very excited to roll out our end of the month newsletter! You can sign up for the monthly newsletter over in the top of our right sidebar (you will receive it via email)!  The information on The HSV newsletter will be a month review of our great guests, news, and a few extra fun things for your homeschooling family. (this information will not be posted on our blog).

Friendly reminder – if you signed up your child for a pen pal and have yet to send your 1st letter – please do that this week!  A few children are waiting to receive their 1st letters.  It is up to each family how often they would like to correspond.  Thank You


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