$200 Cash Homeschool Giveaway

This week we are doing a different type of giveaway ~ CASH! The Homeschool Village has teamed up with Homeschool Giveaways & Hearts at Home Curriculum, along with several other wonderful blogs, to offer you a chance to win:

$200 in PayPal Cash! Don’t have a PayPal account? That’s OK….you can choose a gift card for Amazon, or Target instead!


To enter is simple! We have one easy entry, which is to leave a comment on the blog page below the rafflecopter. Be sure to enter using the Rafflecopter though, by indicating that you left your comment.

For the extra entries, you will go through each option on the Rafflecopter and “Like” the sponsors on Facebook and “Follow” them on Twitter. We have LOTS of extra entries on this one because we know you will WANT to win!

Don’t have Facebook or Twitter? That’s OK! You can earn extra entries by doing other tasks too!

Who are the sponsors? Glad you asked! It it likley you are already familiar with them…

Homeschool Giveaways – Weekly homeschool related giveaways, freebies, and deals!
Hearts at Home Curriculum Store – Hearts at Home sells discounted homeschool curriculum, carries 200+ popular curriculum publishers, and offers super fast shipping to USA & Canada.
Free Homeschool DealsFree Homeschool Deals: At Free Homeschool Deals you’ll daily find bargains, goodies and free stuff for your homeschool family.
$2.99orLess.net – Affodrable Christian eBooks at your fingertips! Don’t Want to Miss a Deal? Get Regular Updates by Subscribing!
Daze of AdventureDaze of Adventure – Daze of Adventure is a peak into our lives. We are a family who has learned to live and lives to learn. We homeschool, we travel, we enjoy life. And on some days, I survive to blog about it.
Looking for helpful {and free} resources? Homeschool Creations strives to provide free printables, helpful tips and curriculum resources for families along with encouragement for the homeschool journey.
Holy Spirit-Led Homeschooling Holy Spirit-led Homeschooling offers encouragement and inspiration for Christian homeschool families to live the life of faith.
Homeschool Village – Bringing homeschooling families together! There is deep desire of other homeschoolers to connect. We learn from one another. We pray for one another. And we encourage one another.
Time-Warp Wife – Empowering Wives to Joyfully Serve. At this wonderful blog (one of my absolute faves) you will find encouragement, Bible studies, housekeeping schedules, free printables, and gobs of posts on being a Godly wife, mom and homemaker.
Daily life of an accidental homeschooler. Kelli is a Christian wife, the mother of three busy boys, and a published photo-journalist. She hopes to inspire you to get outdoors – get creative – & experience the beauty of God’s creation and enjoy life’s adventurez ~ at her blog!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Tabatha F. says:

    Buy some cirriculm!

  2. Wow! With $200, I would probably put it towards a month of piano lessons, since I already have my curriculum for the upcoming year. 🙂

  3. Heather Brandt says:

    I’d buy some curriculum or resource books using the money if I won!

  4. Kathleen P. says:

    Definitely buy homeschool supplies.

  5. kendra burton says:

    I’m new to homeschooling, so I’d definitely buy curriculum!

  6. Buy supplies and ink!

  7. I have my core curriculum but you know you need more readers and supplements so I’m sure I’d buy some of those. Then since I have so many young ones, there will be a huge need for crayons and glue sticks, I’d probably buy lots of those. And best of all we’d have to take a field trip, maybe a day at the Creation Museum or Zoo:)

  8. I would finish buying curriculum for this fall and use the rest to pay for registration fees for fall sports for the kids! I might even buy myself a pretty folder or pen!!

  9. I have no idea what I would buy! I have a big list of things… hmmm… 🙂 it would sure be fun to spend though!

  10. I think I will change my answer with each site that is sponsoring this 🙂

    I’m saving up for embroidery software for my sewing machine, that and prismacolor pencils.

  11. Not sure what I would do with the $200, but it sure would come in handy.

  12. This would purchase just about all of the books we need for the fall when we start back to school hot and heavy! This is incredible, thanks for the chance!!

  13. Kadren Grawburg says:

    $200 would be amazing!

  14. Angelle Tibbets says:

    I have a list…..enhancements to or curriculum, organization for school room, deposit on a new piano….

  15. Jessica Evans says:

    I have such a massive list of books saved to a list on Amazon for school!! I would use it all on books!

  16. Rachel A. says:

    I’d sign up for ReadingEggs & buy lots of books 🙂

  17. $200 would go a long way in purchasing curriculum and registering for mandrian classes this fall

  18. I would use it for bills.


  20. I dont’ usually win at these contests but it would help us a lot towards violin and voice lessons…

  21. Jennifer says:

    I would use this to buy ink for worksheet printouts!

  22. Well, I could sure use this. In fact, my Amazon cart has about $190 worth of homeschooling merchandise in it, just waiting for the money to buy it.

  23. Hydrangeas and Harmony says:

    I’d totally buy some extra school resources that I’ve had my eye on. Great giveaway!

  24. I will buy homeschool curriculum if I win.

  25. I would most likely use the money for homeschool needs. We’re currently living on half our usual income and other bills take higher priority right now. This would be a tremendous blessing and help.

  26. Sarah Morin says:

    We could certainly use the $200 to put towards homeschooling our five children. One is Autistic and has lots of medical bills so everything helps!

  27. I would buy some more supplies. We did Kindergarten last year, but first year with a First Grader, Kindergartner, Preschooler and one more on the way. More supplies would be awesome!

  28. That would be awesome!!

  29. I would use the $200 to add to our school library. We have an ongoing “wishlist” of books! 🙂

  30. Ooooh….
    We are enrolled in a charter so all of our curriculum and supplies are pretty much paid for, but there are some books and things I have been wanting that I have only been able to find on Amazon (Amazon is not an “approved vendor”)

  31. Buy some curriculum and buy things for the new baby due mid sept. 🙂

  32. Kimberly Foster says:

    200 would be great! I could get the math workbooks for my kids!!

  33. buy school supplies and some fun crafty supplies!

  34. Buy curriculum! Of course…. 🙂

  35. Books, books, and more books. And maybe a discovery scope and some manipulatives.

  36. Thanks for offering this! If I won, I would be go nuts at Discount School Supply 😉

  37. Hmmm….not sure what I’d do, but maybe I would hire a babysitter for 24 hours so my husband and I can have an overnight get away. Sounds tempting, huh?!?

  38. Elizabeth B says:

    We’re remodeling our house this summer and I would love to have some extra money in the budget!

  39. This is our first year for homeschooling, so we would definitely use this for curriculum and the “extras” that didn’t fit in the homeschool budget!

  40. Would love to have money stocked up in my paypal account. I usually use that to buy school needs throughout the year!!

  41. Now that is a useful giveaway. Count me in.

  42. Id put it toward bills, around here. 😉

  43. Oh my the things I could do with $200!! Most likely it would go to some new yarn and school supplies.

    Count me in!! Thanks!

  44. Vanessa Anderson says:

    I’m excites about this giveaway! woo too!

  45. Nishoni Harvey says:

    Guitar lessons for my 6muscle year old and mandolin lessons for my 4 year old :-). We already bought our core curriculum, but it would be nice to add music. :-). Sierra, 6, already takes piano, but she wants to tackle the guitar next, and I just don’t have the finances right now for all that. 🙂

  46. Nishoni Harvey says:

    Sorry… IDK why my stupid “smart” phone is adding “muscle” after the numbers. I caught and erased “muscle” after “4”, but I didn’t see the one after “6” until after I tapped “post”… LOL

  47. Galadriel Lavere says:

    Wow…I would put it toward the ‘curriculum I’ve always wanted’ 🙂

  48. I would probably buy more books!

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