How to Select the Right Homeschool Convention

Selecting a Homeschool Convention

It’s been said that we should follow our hearts. But, when it comes to selecting anything, we should follow God’s heart. That includes selecting the Homeschool Convention(s) we should attend.  It’s so incredibly important to ensure that we know research and identify if a convention is going to line up with our beliefs and faith before we purchase tickets or attend a convention.

With that in mind, I wanted to equip you with  5 steps to use when selecting the right Homeschool Convention for your family

For the LORD gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. Proverbs 2:6

1.  Read the About Page

Thoroughly read their ‘about’ page.  Does it line up with your thought process and what you desire to be influenced by.  There are many amazing speakers in the homeschool field.  Some believe education comes first and others believe Faith in God should direct your homeschool (meaning, homeschooling to the heart, not the mind.)  Most will believe in a mixture of the two.  However, by understanding the About Page of a convention, you will be able to identify if that convention will lead you based on the direction God has given each family.

This page is very important, as it will help you identify the heart of a convention and if a convention is bringing speakers to help truly equip you in your walk as a Christian or provide knowledge that may not be based on scripture.

You should also be able to identify (using this page) if the convention uses ‘due diligence’ in providing speakers they would or would not be willing to endorse.  If they do or do not endorse their speakers, you may want to dig deeper and identify if it is the right convention for you and your family.

2.  Statement of Faith

As a Christian, you need to read the Statement of Faith for the convention.  If it is a secular convention, obviously, it may or may not have one.  Again, this is important.  It will help you see if the convention is leaning more in one direction than another.  As homeschooling grows, so do speakers and conventions that are more secular.  By reading the Statement of Faith, you may be able to identify if this convention supports your faith and principles based on God’s Word.  1 Timothy 3:10 states that we should test deacons.  To me, a convention is providing guidance and insight to a family.  Read their statement of faith and test them to see if their leadership is such that you desire to be influenced by.

3.  Purpose

Some conventions not only provide an about page with information about who they are, but they also provide you with more details regarding the purpose of their convention.  They may be completely for Profit, or they may be mission-minded.  By mission-minded – when you purchase a ticket for the convention, you are not only helping support the convention and the speakers, you are also helping support missions spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. What amazing opportunities we have today in the homeschool world.  Not only can we support our family’s mission in our homes, but through other organizations we support.

4. Research

If a homeschool convention is new, this will be difficult to do.  However, by researching information about a new convention, why it started, what they support and the heart of the mission, you can still ascertain if it is the right one for you.  However, if a convention has had at least one event, it will be easy to research and identify the history of the convention.  This is important for anything homeschoolers do.  We research our curriculum, our co-ops, so, it is also very important to research the history of a convention.  In doing so, you can truly identify if a convention walks the what they talk and if they work within Biblical principles you agree with.

5. Pray

While this is presented as number, 5, it is actually an important step – the MOST important step in the process.  You should pray before you begin your research, reading about pages or other pages related to a convention.  You should pray for God’s guidance and for the Holy Spirit to speak with you about the truth behind a convention.  It’s easy to read pretty words and explanations of situations and anyone’s statement of faith.  But, you only see what you are ‘allowed’ to see online or even face to face.  It is so important to truly seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit and identify the fruit that is being produced.


What steps do you follow when selecting a Homeschool Convention?



This week’s series on Homeschool Conventions is being sponsored by Teach them Diligently Convention.

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  • I also closely check to see if they are offering the academic speakers/wisdom I am looking for. For example – I look for a strictly Classical Education track because I am newer to Classical education and need lots of guidance. Thanks for this post!

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