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Lamb Craft

Lamb of God craft

This month’s featured craft is a cute, versatile lamb craft.  I first saw this adorable lamb over at Family Fun and knew my little girls would love helping me make it (check out the their site  for a lion version of this craft.) I tweaked the original craft and came up with our own Easter Lamb decoration.

Lamb of God craft

“The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, ‘Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!'” John 1:29


Lamb of God craft supplies


2 clothes pins
white pom poms or cotton balls
old cd or a circle cut from cardboard
2 google eyes
black craft foam
black Sharpie marker (optional)
large red foam heart (optional)

Lamb face

First cut a face for the lamb out of black craft foam. I basically made a rounded triangle and then added two oval ears. Next glue 2 google eyes. Set aside to dry.

Adding pom poms for the body

Now spread glue over the cd. Cover the surface with pom poms or cotton balls. I first started with the blue gel glue. Don’t use that for this craft! It stains the white pom poms blue. I switched to white craft foam glue and it held everything much better without staining. Go ahead and glue the black face on to the cotton balls and covering the opening in the cd (I actually glued a cotton ball over the cd opening to provide more support for the face.)

Adding legs to the lamb craft

Once the front of the cd is dry, flip it over and glue the two clothes pins on the back with the part that opens pointing up. These are the legs. I used my favorite super glue, E6000 to glue the legs to the cd. The glue is a little smelly so make sure this step is done by a grown-up. I thought about adding a third clothes pin toward the top of the cd and adding magnets to the back of  all the clothes pins. This would make a cute magnet on my fridge and the third clothes pin at the top would make it easier to clip things to the lamb. I still might do that— or create another lamb craft especially for my fridge.

Final Lamb of God craft Lion and Lamb craft

The nice thing about this craft is that you can clip anything to the back. I love how the heart turned out and plan to use it as an Easter decoration. March is also know for its crazy weather. Using an old jungle craft, I glued the lion to a foam circle and wrote the spring idiom. This will be a good illustration when we discuss idioms and weather. I’m also planning on using it with my little girls and their Nursery Rhyme studies. Just print off a rhyme and clip it on the lamb.  I love a craft that can be used multiple ways!

Maureen is a former elementary school teacher who now has a classroom of 6 at home. She blogs at Spell Outloud sharing many hands-on toddler and preschool crafts,  homeschool activities, and free printables.

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