Learn With Homer {Review}

Learn With Homer {Review}

Do you have a young one at home that is learning how to read? With all of the apps, games, and fun tools that claim to teach our kids how to read, it’s hard to decide which one to use! But I have started using the website & app “Learn with Homer” and I’m excited to see my son’s progress so far.

Learn with Homer, a groundbreaking early learning program developed by top literacy experts and proven to produce results, is currently available for children ages 3-7 on both the web and iPad.

Learn with Homer was created by education reformer Stephanie Dua, based on the best teaching practices.

So many apps claim to teaching reading, but Learn with Homer uses the latest science on how children learn to read and build knowledge.

Learn with Homer focuses on the skills that will predict later academic success for your child.

It is also the only program for families proven effective by gold-standard research.

Learn With Homer {Review}

The first thing I noticed was there are separate sections for parents and kids. In the parent section, I can keep track of his progress, change settings, and even view my son’s drawings that he can complete after lessons and stories! The kid’s section of course is where all the “fun” happens. There are several areas they can pick from:

  • Learn to Read
  • Story Time
  • Discover the World
  • Music
  • Adventures in History
  • Brain Games (under construction)

Each one of these areas gives the kids not only valuable, relevant information but presents it in a fun and engaging format to keep their attention.

Learn With Homer {Review}

In his first time logging on, he learned about several US Presidents, including where they are from, what they were known for and interesting details related to their lives. Then he got started on songs, some of which he knew and some were new, but he had a lot of dancing to do! And in the Discover the World section, he got to learn about animals, the human body and holidays & seasons from around the world.

“Mom, did you know that lions are predators, giraffes are prey and zebras know to run when the giraffes start running?”

Needless to say, he’s learning about a lot of topics, and reading is a big part of each activity. They show the lyrics to the songs, the words are on the screen for the stories, and even when he is learning about animals and history, he can follow along himself.

Current “reading” apps assume a child has already been taught the basics of reading and really just offer practice drills.

Learn with Homer is the first digital product that teaches children how to read without the need for an adult to assist them, making it easier for families to help their kids get ahead and stay ahead.

Learn with Homer offers an exceptional array of content for children – more than 1,000 lessons and activities including stories, games, history, science, art and music.

Each part of the learning program has a specific purpose and these activities reinforce the lessons with real world context.

Parents can also track their children’s progress – actually listen to an audio recording of their child’s voice reading a book– and look at a Pinterest-like board of their drawings.

Learn with Homer’s beautifully designed pages will appeal to children and adults alike.

Learn With Homer {Review}

I really like the fact that we can log into one site, from any desktop, and have access to all of this information! I don’t mind letting him “play games” when he’s using Learn with Homer because I know he’s learning even if he thinks it’s another game.

The progress tracker helps me monitor his work, and I can also use it to generate conversation after he’s done. Plus there’s an area for printables which I can use in the rest of our lessons. These range from handwriting practice to stories, and even coloring pages and creative writing!

And all of this is included in one price, on one site.

Learn with Homer is available for free 30-day trial from learnwithhomer.com or on the App Store on iPad.

Unlimited access to the entire curriculum is available for $7.95 per month or $79.95 for a full year’s membership.

I think it’s great that folks can try Learn with Homer for 30 days free, but my readers can also use this discount code to save 50% off of a one-year subscription!

Be sure to check out Learn with Homer today, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube for all the latest news and information!

Disclaimer: I received this product in order to aid in my honest review. All opinions are completely my own.

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