Library Outlaw

Library Outlaw, Confessions of a Homeschooler

We love the library. In fact I feel like I’ve properly brainwashed the kids, because they get almost as excited about a trip to the library as they do a trip to the toy store. Almost.
I have a confession to make though.
We’ve never NEVER made it to story time at the library.
We probably never will.

Story time at our library is early. It’s not that we’re still asleep. My son wakes up painfully early, and on school days, we start and finish school before many people are even awake. The problem is that even though we’re done with school, at 10 o’clock we’re still in our jammies, probably eating a bowl of cereal, possibly watching cartoons together.

As a result, every couple of weeks, as the kids and I are strolling into the library in the middle of the afternoon, we run into the super sweet children’s librarian. She inevitably asks me if I know about the story time program, and I sort of smile and mumble something along the lines of “yep, we just haven’t made it yet.” She gives me another flyer. Lather. Rinse. Repeat a couple of weeks later.

Want to hear another one?

Although we regularly check out heaps of scholarly nonfiction books and “proper children’s literature,” the first, and most important stop on my children’s itinerary is the video section. I’d like to tell you that my son is eager to check for new PBS documentaries, but it’s not true. He’s looking to see which Spongebob or Pokemon episodes are available. It’s often the highlight of his day, actually, matched only by finding a new Spongebob or Pokemon book. What can I say? Sometimes we all like a little mindless entertainment.

I could go on about the time I racked up a $32 fine for forgetting to return a whole heap of books for several weeks. (I’m blaming that one on being pregnant.)

There was also the time I rushed to the library in a panic, sure I’d accidentally returned a NetFlix movie in a library case. (Turns out, I didn’t. I did however, come off looking a little like a goofball.)

So there. I’ve confessed that we’re not morning people, that we enjoy watching animated nonsense, and that I can be, well, a little scatterbrained. It’s your turn.

What are your library confessions?

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