What is more fun than connecting with homeschool moms? Homeschoolers connecting with homeschoolers while working on letter writing skills! The HSV is going to attempt to roll out a pen-pal opportunity for your homeschoolers!

If your homeschooler (K-12th) would like to sign up for a pen-pal – we will be organizing a list to match your homeschooler with another homeschooler in the same grade (if there is none available we will match to closest grade).

Please email the HSV (mail address on the left sidebar) if you are interested. Email your student’s grade (this upcoming year), age, name and mailing address no later than Friday July 23rd. Next week you will be contacted with another homeschooler’s information.

Monday August 2nd everyone will send out a letter to their pen-pal while we celebrate “Back to School Traditions”!

*Not manditory to participate if you follow The HSV
*The HSV will not be patroling correspondence – this is completely up to each parent!


  1. I think this is wonderful! My girls would love to participate. I can’t find the proper person to email my interest and get signed up properly. Please help….we don’t want to miss out on this wonderful opportunity!

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