Making the Cuts to Work at Home

When I tell people I work from home the first thing I hear is “Wow, you’re so…..lucky!”

They’re right and not a day goes by where I don’t feel incredibly blessed. However, when talking to others about my job, I realize many have misconceptions about the time involved in working at home.  They don’t realize what it looks like on a day to day basis.

I’ve talked to many moms excited to begin a new work from home job.  Thirty days later this same mom is stressed feeling there is no way to balance it all.  When I talk to these moms, I tend to find one common thread.  They’ve never adjusted their life to account for the fact they were now a working mom.  Instead, they’ve simply added one more ball to the things they are already juggling.

How do you set new priorities to keep your life in balance and your focus on what’s really important?  First, understanding you need to cut a few areas to make time in your life for the hours you are now working.  Making a list of your priorities will help you see areas where you can cut.

So, where do you start?

Consider Activities Outside the Family
What commitments can you cut so you’re available to your family?  Take a look at how many committees, organizations and events you take part in on a weekly and monthly basis.  I’m not suggesting you go out and quit everything you do all because you now work.  However, I am suggesting you adjust what you do.  If you have two or three roles which require you teaching, consider keeping one teaching role and being a helper for the other two.  Taking a meal to a friend doesn’t mean that meal be entirely from scratch.  In fact, it doesn’t need to be from scratch at all.

Consider your Homeschool Routine and Activities
Are you currently spending 20 hours a week planning lessons?  If so, you might need to use a curriculum that included prepared lessons or consider some online classes.  When considering your homeschool routine be sure to include homeschool activities like coops.  If it’s important that you continue taking part in the activity, make sure you have enough time in your schedule to devote to it.  This includes driving time and any prep work you may have if the activity requires any.

Consider What You Can Cut Personally
It’s important that you make time for interests outside of work and homeschool.  However, you might find many areas you can cut and gain time for your family.  Check your internet time.  Can you cut down on the time you spend on Facebook, Twitter or online groups?  Maybe there are ways you can multitask.  For instance, I do much of my reading in the car when waiting to pick up the kids from activities.

Make the cuts that work for you.  Then, don’t be afraid to say “No” when someone asks if you are available for a task.  Remember you can’t be faithful to your job and your family if you are over committed.  Making these cuts from the start will help you truly enjoy the blessings and benefits of working at home.

Wife, homeschool mom and publisher relations are all roles Leah balances each day.  She’s able to do so with God’s grace and the amazing support of her family.


  1. Great tips, Leah. Finding that balance is so important.

    What do you recommend for folks looking for work-at-home jobs? Do you have tips for finding those jobs available?

    • Network in your field. You can find opportunities by posting and staying connected via LinkedIn. I’d also recommend setting up a page on Google+ and networking there as well. Best Wishes as you look for a work-at-home job!

  2. I know that finding a work at home job is the ideal for almost every woman I meet that homeschoos. But those are so few and far between. How did you find your job. I think this will be one of the most asked questions for you today because whenver I see a a post the first thing I wonder is “What does she do and how can I find one too?” I know that it is difficult to balance but I know that most of us are willing if only we could have the chance but don’t know what are the options out there and where do you start?

    • Hi Paige,
      Staley and I were both homeschool moms and friends when she approached me with the idea of CurrClick (HomeschoolEStore back then). You can read our story here We’ve met lots of publishers who are homeschooling moms (like us) that are able to write curriculum and homeschool. We have lots of teachers who are now homeschooling moms teaching classes for CurrClick Live. We’ve worked with some great affiliates from run websites and homeschool moms doing graphic design work from home now. In all of these cases it’s been a matter of figuring out your area of interest. Then, network with others who might need your skills and services. Join LinkIn and Google+ as both are great resources. I hope that helps!

  3. Wonderful tips Leah!! I used to work from home and it was very tough at times. Especially when I overbooked on days. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Good stuff, Leah! It is so easy to get over-committed and loose sight of what our goals really are. I have to take a look at my schedule and how I spend my time every now and then to make sure I am spending it wisely.

  5. Good Tips. I so overcommit myself at times. I need to cut back on things that are not super important and realize what I have committed to already.

  6. Great tips. It is hard to say no especially when the person asking does not take your work at home seriously.

  7. great post! it is hard to balance so many things but such a blessing as God helps us organize, delegate, prioritize to make it successful!

  8. Thank you!!!!! It is hard to have a job outside of the home at home. I always say I am a working stay at home mom. It is trying to smash two worlds together that are so fiercly seperated in today’s world. You are either seen as the mom that should be doing more because you are at home, or the worker that slacks off because you are at home. I have to schedule my time wisely and have to be very strict what I say yes to. At first I would act like a stay at home mom and just fit my job in as well. But I cannot do that!!

    Thanks for shedding some light on this for me.

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