Monday News & Discipline

I have very exciting news to share about some changes to The HSV! Our dear friend Cheryl who has been working morning, noon, and night on our social media will be shifting roles and managing this site! * blast the confetti *

Rather than replace her fantastic tweeting ability – we’re ready to allow the HSV twitter presence to fade as we focus our direction on beneficial projects – and living up to our original dream of bridging homeschool families!

This week – we’re chatting rules and discipline. Being home our children miss out on things like after school detention, banging erasers, and the such! So – how do you handle the disobedience and interuptions during school time? Do you have room rules separate from house rules? If not check back Wednesday when our panel shares their school rules. Thursday link up and share how you discipline during homeschool. How do you keep your ducks in a row?
Thank you again for your support and participation in The HSV! Be sure to check out our Regional Map and link up where you are located – get to know some homeschoolers in your region!

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