New Series

We have a new Tuesday series – “Confessions of a Homeschooler”. Four great contributing homeschool moms will be sharing their silly lighthearted moments that keep a smile on their face and might brighten our days as well.

These stories will cover past and present “oops moments” we all seem to have at one time or another. Such stories like …

… the time I didn’t realize I sat in a pile of glitter while trying to rush thru craft time so we could go to the store. Just to walk around all afternoon with “hot pants” leaving a glitter trail all the way home.

.. or the time I forgot to return our “resource” library books thinking they were hand me down books from our homeschooling neighbor and ended up accumulating a $50 library fine.

… or the time I prided myself for finally being early for the co-op to realize 30 minutes later we had arrived 24 hours early.

Can you relate?? Come back every Tuesday to meet our new contributors! You will delight in these posts and hopefully sigh with relief because we all are human!


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