No School Room

This month we are seeing lots of school room ideas from our writers.  It really was beginning to stress me out when it came my turn to write. I have tried and tried to set up a school room. But you know what?  We don’t have one!  Scary, huh.

We are a family of eleven now. Our school has always been interesting and we have to be creative.  We rent our house, and while we technically have enough rooms to have a room dedicated to school, it just doesn’t work for us.  There isn’t enough floor space for all the children to school at once, it is dark with no windows, and it is upstairs. While I was pregnant, the stairs became a big no-can-do.  We just never seemed to fit in and get comfortable.

We now just use our dining room, living room, or parlor for our school time.  Here’s how it works for us.


*All books in one place: Our current school books are on a shelf in my closet. I spend many evenings before going to sleep in my bed reading ahead, writing out agendas, or planning upcoming projects. The books are easy for me to access, and to make sure the kids are storing properly.

*Access to video players: We don’t own a T.V. If there is a video that needs to be watched, it must be done on the computer. And the computer is in the parlor! So while I am folding clothes, feeding the baby, or doing other work, I can still monitor the kids with the video.  An added bonus is if there is further research needed, they are already congregated around the computer!

*Availability: If the kids are upstairs, I have to completely move upstairs. Like, pack the moving truck kind of move. I really would rather not pack up baby beds, all my sewing/needlework business, washer/dryer, and kitchen sink. I need to be able to do my work as well as teaching. Having them downstairs within arm’s reach is just practical.

*Everything in its place: When the school room was upstairs, it was a constant fight to keep it clean. It looked Office Depot had thrown up all over the room.  We never had crayons for they were broken and scattered, books were torn up, and there were drawings all over the walls due to markers being strewn about.  Now, all supplies are in their proper place, and put pack to that place at the end of the school day.  The supplies have to be put away so we can have a the table for dinner, or the couch for family reading time!

*Accountability: I was finding that when the children were upstairs, unattended, it took twice as long to finish their work.  The work was often sloppy, half undone, or not done at all. Now that they are within my eyesight during school hours, we can work efficiently thorough the assignments, and have complete, well worked papers!

I dream of one day having a lovely room that is all about learning. But until that day, instead of having just one school room, I guess we have three!  Unless of course, I get started on schooling outdoors…we’ll save that for another time.