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One of the things I like to do when the new year comes around is de-clutter and organize.  Come to think of it.. I actually do that all year round..hmmmm. At any rate …  I thought I would share with you some of the ideas that have been working for us in the DVD media area.  In our home the DVD’s seem to be  everywhere! Since they have hard time finding their homes I have found a solution.

These DVD pocket sleeves are wonderful. I alphabetized the videos and color coded for the children’s DVD’s.  Ahem as I was saying I numbered the DVD sleeves and made a spreadsheet of the DVD title. I printed the list out and laminated. Now if the DVD pocket is empty I know which one and my older kids know where they go. I don’t have to open every box is make sure the DVD’s are in there. I put the older DVD’s ie Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and hubby’s PS3 games in the back. I put in about 100 DVD’s in this small canvas bin. It takes up very little space compared to a 100 DVD boxes. As far as the VHS Videos,  yes we still have those too. I place a basket underneath the TV area and keep a small amount in there. I am trying to phase those out of the house.


Now I have bookshelf room. Yeah!! I am planning on recycling the DVD box holders.  I know you think you need them but really what for? Do you really need the index and picture for the DVD? It’s just a holder.  If you are really attached to the DVD covers you can find DVD pocket sleeves where you can insert the cover behind each movie. My local stores did not have those so I had to work with what I had. Side Note: I keep the game boxes for Wii and PS3 because you can trade those games in and get credit at local game stores.

To keep the  cable cords tidy I found  using old bread ties to work. Each cable has a different color. That way when I need to unplug something I know that the Wii is always the green tie and so on. I hung up the Wii remotes with those 3m sticky hooks. Those are wonderful as well. Now baby can not reach them and they are not sitting around the TV. If I want to move the hooks to paint or decide we want to put them somewhere else , the hooks come off clean.  I placed the TV remotes in a basket I already had. (This basket is from Big Lots,  3 for $1.00) I really like re-purposing things I already have around the house to meet our organizing needs.  The space feels tidy and clean. Do you have a project going on at your house? I would love to check it out!

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  1. Great idea! I may just use this for my cds, too!! 🙂

  2. That is an awesome idea for the DVDs! I may also try this with our cd collection as well. We are also trying to phase out our VHS collection. We would definitely have a lot more room if I could organized the media area in our living room! As for the wires and cables, my hubby has this Velcro strip he can cut at any length. He just wraps the cables with it.

  3. I love the space-saving nature of these ideas! Thanks so much for sharing! Where did you hang the hooks for the Wii remotes, by the way? Is that inside a wall of an entertainment center or on the room wall near the TV?

  4. Great idea! My problem, is every time I get one room organized, the rest of the house falls apart! I then end up making every one elses life miserable because noone else cares if things get put back where they are “supposed to go!”

  5. Thanks Ladies!

    Catherine and Joy- CDs would be great to organize this way too. The velcro strips are a great idea too!

    Caroline- It is the wall near the TV.

    Stacey- Sounds like you need some duct tape! 😀 heheee I find that if its not easy for the kids they will not do it. So this has been working well so far.

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