Panel – Dads

This week our panel shares ways Dad is involved with homeschooling!
Laura ~ My husband works a lot but one of the things he does to be involved with the kids is take them places. He does a radio show on the weekends and they love to join him and help him run the sound board and talk on air. They also help him when he does work around the house or on the car and he explains what he’s doing so they understand. My kids know how to check the oil in my car and I don’t! By being with him they are learning more than skills- they’re learning patience and the love of their father.

Kris ~ We usually refer to my husband as “the school board.” He supplies the funding for curriculum. Occasionally, though, we involve him in our homeschool as the project guy: he built the grid and buried the objects for our archaeological dig, for example, and he’s the wood shop teacher and sports coach. My husband tends to enjoy getting involved in the hands-on, project-based aspects of homeschooling — think science experiments and building things. He also makes a great audience for presentations and a listening ear for reading.

Crystal ~ My husband isn’t all that involved in the academic part of our homeschool; nevertheless, he loves working with the kids, teaching them practical skills, like: changing a tire, checking the oil, building shelves, fixing various appliances around the house, basic plumbing and electrical skills, house painting, and even cooking skills (he’s an awesome cook!). My husband can do all these things after work, and on his days off, knowing that he’s taking part in their education in a practical–and important–way. Better yet, the kids don’t realize that they’re “doing school” when they’re spending time with my husband doing these things–they’re too busy enjoying his undivided attention.

Angie ~ While it can be difficult for my husband to fully participate in our homeschooling, since he not only works full time, but also is a full time college student, we like to find ways he can still be part of what we are doing. He helps with projects (especially 4-H), gets excited for family read alouds every night (even more excited than the kids sometimes), and he loves when we go on weekend field trips so he can go with us. Most importantly of all, he is always supportive and asks the kids all about their day.

Maureen ~ My husband backs me 100% with our homeschool endeavor. I however, make 99% of the decisions regarding curriculum, co-ops, scheduling and more. This doesn’t mean that my husband is not involved though. He trusts me to make good choices, funds our school and he backs my decisions. When I have trouble motivating certain “students” of mine to finish their work, he steps in and helps make sure the work gets done. I make sure to thank him for what he does for us, share snippets of our day with him, and ask for his opinion on areas I’m not sure how to proceed.

Cheryl ~ My husband wears many hats in our homeschool career. His two most important roles are “my brain” and “the principal”. I consider him “my brain” because he takes the jumbled mess of goals, wants, desires and curriculum and helps me form a workable (realistic) schedule, tweaking it when needed. He’s also considered the principal because on those rare but frustrating days when I just can’t seem to get through to the kids, he will instruct them in the evening to help us get over the hump-whether that hump is academic or disciplinary.

Mirinda ~ My husband does things that I don’t usually have the patience for: Teaching math lessons while buying groceries, going over difficult work that the kiddo just isn’t ‘getting’, handling the serious discipline issues and making sure they help with chores! He also goes on as many field trips as possible and asks each child at dinner what they learned that day then taking the time to look at their work at night.

Ellen ~ Our home school is primarily run by Mom (me!). My husband’s main involvement is praying for our school, the students, and the teacher. He also is an insightful advisor, counselor, and support. When I begin to question if a problem is me, the curriculum, or the students, he is able to see the whole picture. Then he is more able to find a solution without emotions and tears. He spends a lot of time with the kids outside of school— assistant basketball coach, Frisbee golf, Boy Scout leader.

Stef ~ Dad does not handle a specific subject besides art. He is the school board, principal, p.e. coach, hall monitor … and it is his great vision for homeschooling and growing our children to be creative thinkers (he was the one who suggested we homeschool to begin with) that inspired me. He is very intentional of making each opportunity with our boys a learning lesson. He also helps me brainstorm ideas for unit studies and field trips.

Lori ~ The best thing that my hubby does for our homeschooling is he is relaxed! He works from home so he is here for the day to day and can help whenever I need him in whatever way I need him. He also helps in subject areas that I feel weak in, for example Algebra. He is also a Lego enthusiasts and teaches lots of subjects using Lego (and Robotics). But most of all he is the bright and shining example I want my boys to follow as far as character goes and being a great husband and father, again the things that I can’t teach because I’m not one. He also supports me by allowing me to do extra stuff that keeps my batteries charged so that I have the right attitude and energy level to be a good wife, mom and teacher.


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