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This week we asked our panel: when did homeschooling crossed your timeline – and what was your initial reaction!

Mirinda ~ In the spring of 2008 we decided to not register our children for the upcoming year at the private Christian school they had been attending. The “plan” was to enroll them in public school the upcoming year. During the next month the Lord put people in my path who were homeschool families- sometimes almost DAILY! I really felt led to homeschool and when I finally mentioned it to my hubby he said the same thing had been on his heart. We did have a few friends who homeschooled but I had always dismissed it as something I “could never do”. They helped us in getting started and we have a massive homeschool community in our area. We joined a covering- out of several in our county- that has over 100 families alone!

Laura ~ I always had it in the back of my mind that my children would be homeschooled and when I mentioned it to my husband he agreed wholeheartedly! We are their first teachers of much harder things than academics- walking, talking, and just growing- we certainly are qualified to do it beyond 5 years. As we’ve had more kids, our knowledge that homeschooling is right for us has grown and now I see that the Lord has been directing us this way the whole time.

Ellen ~ Homeschooling was never even a blip on our radar screen but God, in His sovereignty, was setting the stage for us to bring our kids home. My husband always felt God leading us to provide a Christian education, so we visited the local schools and chose what we thought was the best fit for our family (size, tuition, etc.). As only God can do, He had us attending a church for 1 ½ years with a majority of homeschooling families with whom we had already formed solid relationships. By early October 2002, after a focused season of prayer and many discussions, we brought our kids home which was God’s plan all along.

Kris ~ I am blessed to have a very good friend who has homeschooled her kids from the beginning. Her oldest is just a couple of years older than mine, so homeschooling was on my radar long before we began. Because of having such a close friend and mentor, homeschooling was never a crazy idea to me. The day I called and told my friend that we’d decided to homeschool, she laughed out loud — not because she thought we were crazy, like everyone else, but because she knew we’d homeschool eventually and wondered what had taken us so long to decide!

Lori ~ My younger sister pulled her two boys from public school and I saw a huge positive change in them, as well as several acquaintances of ours were homeschooling, so our experience with homeschooling from the beginning was a very positive one. When my son was ready to go to kindergarten (something I was regretting) homeschooling was on our list of options. After investigating our options I decided we could try it for a year and if I really screwed it up I could still send him to Grade 1 without too much “damage” being done. Well that year went so well we’ve never looked back. Reading every homeschooling book I could get my hands on and the friendship of other homeschooling moms that first year were the key for me, and in fact is still the key for me for a positive homeschooling experience.

Angie ~ When my oldest son, who has high functioning Autism, started kindergarten, I had feelings that I was maybe called to homeschool, but I quickly dismissed these ideas. Just two years later, I had a woman I had never met turn around after Mass and ask if we homeschooled or if we had ever considered it. I was shocked! It was like the Holy Spirit was speaking to me directly. After a year of prayer (and getting to know people in a newly formed Catholic homeschool group in my area), we became a homeschooling family.

Crystal ~ I first heard about homeschooling one day when I was flipping through the channels on TV and stopped to hear the guests Oprah Winfrey was introducing on her show. I heard her say the word “homeschooling” and was instantly intrigued. My husband and I were dissatisfied with my children’s progress in public school, and couldn’t afford to send them to a private school, so the thought that there was another option thrilled me. Thanks to Oprah Winfrey (whom I rarely ever watched before or since), we’ve been homeschooling for over ten years now!

April ~ When it came time to begin thinking about sending my oldest off to school I cringed at the thought of him attending the school in our district. Over run with behavior problems, failing students, and a lack of funds, it was not an ideal location to send my son off for eight hours every day. Unfortunately, private school was not a possibility for us, so I began to consider homeschooling. We decided to give it a trial run for Pre-K and Kindergarten, thinking if it didn’t work out we could always do something different. Now, 9 years later we are still homeschooling, but not because I’m scared of the school anymore. In fact, we now live in a different state with different schools and we homeschool because it works for our family and we love it!

Cheryl ~ To be honest, I feel homeschooling was simply something God laid on my heart. I did not know of anyone who homeschooled, and even less about curriculum. When my eldest went to preschool, it never felt right; I felt God was gently saying “No”. Thankfully, when I broached the subject with my husband he was supportive. From there, my mother put me in touch with one of her friends who homeschooled and the rest is history.

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