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Silver Packages — Christmas Book Activities

Silver Packages -- Christmas Book Activities

Silver Packages — Christmas Book Activities

One of my favorite Christmas stories is called Silver Packages.  It is a story about a rich man who had an accident and was cared for by a house in the hills. He tried to give them money when he was well, but they wouldn’t accept it. So instead, every year the man would pull his train to the hills and toss a sparkling silver package into the hands of each child who waited by the tracks.


Each year, Frankie would wait for the train and hope he would get a doctor kit. And every year, he received something else…something he needed, like socks and mittens. I won’t spoil the rest of the story…you’ll have to read the rest to find out!

In the story the main thing is the Silver Packages. They always contained something Frankie needed. So for an activity with this story, we took a box and filled it with mittens and wrapped it in silver paper. We wrapped it for someone we know and will give her this winter. It was a good lesson on giving for my preschooler.

Silver Packages--Extension Activities

Then we created an ornament to hang on our tree this year. This ornament is to remind us to be thankful for every gift…even if it is not what we really wanted, but maybe we needed (like socks from mom!). And also as a reminder to be giving to others. To make this, we made a rectangle shape with a piece of silver clay. Then we put on 2 white stripes to look like ribbon. Then we added a red heart. I took an old ornament holder with ribbon and stuck the prongs into the clay. Then I let it air dry.

Silver Package Ornament

It will be a great reminder for us this Christmas season!

Lastly, I created a couple printables for this book. One is a diagram to fill in what the silver packages were in the book. This is to practice comprehension. The second page is a needs vs. wants diagram. To get your own copies click here —-> Silver Packages Printables


Enjoy and may you truly enjoy this Christmas season!

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