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Standard Deviants Accelerate {Review}

Standard Deviants Accelerate {Review}

In today’s technology driven world, so much of what our kids do is on the computer, including their education. Plus, there are so many options and software packages to choose from! That’s why I’ve come to appreciate Standard Deviants Accelerate, which offers multiple online classes covering several grade levels, concentrating on middle and high school levels.

For over 20 years, Standard Deviants has been the leading producer of top notch educational videos that teach you everything you need to know about a subject. We’ve taken our newest educational videos online and added a ton of activities to create the perfect curriculum supplement, Standard Deviants Accelerate!

As a homeschool parent, I’m always looking for ways to keep the kids engaged. If your kids are like mine, some of them learn better visually and some of them by reading or hearing the lesson. That’s one of the reasons that Standard Deviants Accelerate works great, because the lessons are in a video format, along with a transcript and a place to take notes, so no matter which way your student learns, they have it covered.

Plus, the videos are pre-recorded so if you don’t do school at a set time every day, or they need to return to a previous lesson, no problem!

To make this easier, the kids can also use their diagrams, take quizzes, and more, all in one place. You can also keep track of their scores, problem areas, and find out where they need more help since it’s graded within the software.

Currently, these are the classes that are being offered:

  • Arithmetic – Grades 3+
  • Fundamental Math – Grades 4+
  • Earth Science – Grades 6+
  • Nutrition – Grades 6+
  • Algebra – Grades 7+
  • Biology – Grades 7+
  • Chemistry – Grades 9+
  • English Comp. – Grades 9+
  • U.S. History – Grades 9+
  • AP Biology – Grades 11+
  • AP Chemistry – Grades 11+
  • AP U.S. Government & Politics – Grades 11+
  • AP U.S. History – Grades 11+
  • AP Eng. Composition – Grades 11+

Whether your students are taking AP classes or just need extra help for the test, the AP classes hit all the major points without teaching every single lesson over again! You may also consider these courses when preparing for the SAT or ACT.

The last point that I personally find helpful is because this software is online, my kids can do their lessons anywhere. Whether we are at grandma’s, the ski slopes, or at the library, the kids can access their own accounts and take care of their school work. No excuses here!

You can learn more by visiting the Standard Deviants Accelerate website and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest information!

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