Stocking Stuffer

Stocking Stuffer Blog Hop

Stocking Stuffer Blog Hop

What do you usually have in your stocking? I have had some strange things over the years. From show or concert tickets to silly socks or slippers. One year I got several coloring books. You know, sickness those books made for adults…

Call me a toddler when it comes to my coloring books and gel pens! Oh my! When I see the little ones even looking towards my “special” tote bag with my books and pens – I start screaming (inside at least) MINE MINE MINE!!! Not really but they know not to mess with my bag.

Stocking Stuffer Blog Hop

For this stop in the blog hop, I am offering a set of coloring pencils and an adult coloring book. The Winter Wonderland coloring book has amazing pages of winter scenes. The coloring pencil set has 50 colors made just for us adult coloring mommas!

Stocking Stuffer Blog Hop

This Blog Hop is being coordinated by The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island. They are also hosting the grand prizes so make sure you visit them while making the rounds.

This event runs from 11/16/16 to 11/30/16 11:59 PM EST. Each participating blog will have their own items being offered. You will need to visit each of us and enter to win on that site.

The best way to complete a blog hop is to enter my event on this page. Then find my name in the list below and click on the one listed next. Continue clicking the next name listed and entering to win their prize package if you are interested in it and then when you get back here to this page…you have made it!

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Stocking Stuffer – Adult Coloring Book and Pencils


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  1. James Robert says

    My parents messed up and I ended up with nail polish and makeup. one of my sisters got matchbox cars and toys for a little boy

  2. Your question doesn’t specify what exactly you would like to know is my favorite, so I will go with favorite stocking stuffer. It was a doll that my father got for me!

  3. Not sure I have had anything funny in my stocking. My mom always put avocados in our stockings and I always thought it was weird. lol

  4. I have never had a funny thing in my stocking.

  5. Coal is always a funny thing to put in a stocking.

  6. Heather Bridson says

    I think the funniest thing I’ve had in a stocking is a stick and a stone…Santa must have been in on the joke with my dad… so I conspired with Santa and dad got coal in his stocking..

  7. Mary Gardner says

    I can’t think of anything funny I have ever had in my stocking, but I have had lots of fun things growing up like little toys and card games along with some chocolate.

  8. My favorite coloring book so far is The secret garden by Johanna bashford. It was the first one I owned and I love anything floral so it was a good fit for me

  9. The funnies thing I every had in my stocking when I was 13 teen I got a box of sanitary napkins.would love to win this

  10. My favorite coloring books are landscape related so I love this winter one.

  11. The funniest, I guess, would be coal in a Santa’s gift bag from a friend many years ago. I don’t see a link to follow to comment for this comment nor the last, so I’m guessing I comment here.

  12. Hmmm…telling you about my favorite? Ok, I guess my favorite present my kids ever got me was a beautiful Mother’s ring! I absolutely loved it! God bless and Happy Holidays everyone!

  13. The funniest was one year in our stockings my sisters & I got bags of lettuce & a note from Santa to visit the garage. Santa had left us a pet bunny for Christmas.

  14. My favorite gift was my kitty Gracie. Thanks for the chance.

  15. The funniest thing I ever had in my stocking, was fake dog poop lol 🙂

  16. The boys had a fart gun!

  17. I got a rock one time 😉

  18. Jeanna Massman says

    My favorite stocking stuffers are gift cards.

  19. Nothing is really coming to mind

  20. My favorite stocking stuffers are gift cards. I love gift cards.

  21. I have never had anything funny in my stocking. Putting coal in someone’s stocking would be super funny.

  22. My mom would always put oranges in our stocking 🙂

  23. Fee Roberts says

    I received a bag of coal one year.

  24. Fee Roberts says

    I don’t have favorites, but I do love gardening.

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