Summertime Learning

Summertime Learning

Summertime Learning

Do you take the summer off from schooling or do you follow a different schedule?  We take the month of July off from academics and start back the beginning of August with a three day schedule along with lots of day trips and other learning activities. Summertime Learning doesn’t have to be just books. Trips to the park, zoo, and day visits to the amusement park can all be made into a Summertime Learning Activity.

Here are several ways to turn a day trip into a summertime learning activity:

  1. Watch a movie or read a book about the monuments in your town before heading out to see them. With the information learned before the trip, your children will not only understand what they are seeing, but they will be able to participate in questions or sharing of their knowledge while spending time together. I like to create a list of questions that the children have to find the answers while we are touring the location.
  2. Discover how plants grow by planting a small garden. Head to the local farmers market and let them see and taste the different vegetables being sold so they can decide what they would like to grow at home.
  3. Grab a camera and a bucket on your way to a nature trail and let your children take pictures of trees, birds, leaves, etc. Once home, look through images and match up the pictures while learning about the plants or animals.

There are lots of ways to make learning fun. And one of my favorite ways is to gather all the children together and let them vote on a direction. North, South, East, or West.  Once we have a direction, they are sent off to grab a change of clothes, their bathing suit (floaties, etc) and a pair of jammies. We then load up and head off in the direction they selected.

You don’t have to go far, but after about 30 minutes, stop and let everyone stretch their legs, potty, etc. while you look on for an express deal. (I LOVE their express deals)! You can save up to 60% on same day room rentals. Just enter your location and what amenities you would like the hotel to have available. I like Drury because they have free dinner and free breakfast included in their room rates and they have an indoor pool. Comfort and Hampton are my next two choices because of the large rooms and free breakfast options. Select the closest (or the best choice for your crew) and book your room. Enjoy the night away from home! We like to ask Google to tell us about what ever town we are in. Google will tell you a little history and what the major attractions are for the area. My crew like to visit war memorial parks and playgrounds. We always find neat places to visit.

So the next time you are thinking of what can we do with the crew…head out or pack up for a day of summertime learning. And to help with my favorite option, we have teamed up with Everything Mommyhood and 20 of your favorite bloggers to bring to you this unique giveaway! All you have to do is leave blog comments on your favorite blogs!!!


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  1. Love finding ways to help the kiddos learn during the summer! Thanks for sharing your tips!

  2. Judy Thomas says

    When my kids were small we used to go for walks in the summer holidays and I would teach them as we walked. I would tell them about different plants and flowers.We had great fun.

  3. Sarah Kurtz says

    What great ideas! My kids practice reading, writing and math all summer. We go the farmers market every weekend so new time I will have them try to guess all the veggies and fruits.

  4. Melissa Crisp says

    This past school year was our first year home schooling and it was hard at first. Normally we would start my sons tutoring in Aug and give him the rest of June and all of July off. This year we are going to start up tutoring next week. No matter what I think kids need to get a short break but it’s so important to get their brains ready for the following school year.

  5. yes ! correct ! even me when summertime me and my child playing, and do some tent activities too.

  6. I have my son in day camp. They do some learning there. This year, since he is in there, I let him relax for the most part at home. We do go to educational spots though for visits, like museums and such.

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