Swinging into Summer Blog Hop

Swinging into Summer Blog Hop

Swinging into Summer Blog Hop
Blog Hops are my favorite giveaways. I love having groups of bloggers get together and promote giveaways based on a theme. This hop is all about swinging into summer.. ready or not here we go! 

Swinging into Summer Blog Hop

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Every participating blogger has a prize package of at least $20 on their site. Once you enter the Grand Prize here don’t forget to check out the awesome prizes offered by everyone!


Now for the Grand Prize! One Lucky reader will win:

Sunsella Buddy Boxes Check out full Sunsella Buddy Boxes
Glasstic Bottle Check out full Glasstic
AYL StarLight – 300 Lumens Ultra Bright LED Lantern Check out full review here
Kinderfeets Retro Balance Bike Check out full review here
Popze IcePopIt Premium Popsicle Molds with Elegant Stand Check out full review here
EZPZ Wacky Watermelon Summer Giveaway which includes: Wacky Watermelon Cake Kit with bowls, pans and mitts for your little summer chef! Check out full review here
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Nalgene reusable water bottle of your choice Check out full review here
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All of these prizes are sure to get your summer off to a fabulous start. To enter the grand prize drawing, make sure to click on the #1 listing on the linky below. From there.. you need to start hopping through all the blogs for your chances on winning something from each one of us!

My Giveaway Details:

I am offering as my prize package a
Wham-o Slip N Slide Wave Rider Double With 2 Slide Boogies

Swinging into Summer Blog Hop

Wham-o Slip N Slide Wave Rider Double With 2 Slide Boogies
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  1. Emily Endrizzi says:

    We like to go to the lake over the summer. It is a free way to stay cool!

  2. We love eating watermelon on a hot summer day! Very refreshing!!! A trip to the ice cream shop across the street does wonders as well 😉

  3. Alison Tolar says:

    My favorite way to stay cool is by setting up a lounge chair with my sprinkler spraying me. It is really nice and relaxing on a hot day.

  4. Sarah Elyce says:

    To stay cool, I drink plenty of water and seek shade. Fresh, chilled fruit also works wonders- honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon.

  5. My little grandsons love to stay cool by being in the pool as much as they can. They also love to run through the sprinklers.

  6. Holly Thomas says:

    I like to keep cool in the summer time by getting in the pool. It is always the best feeling during a hot summer day!

  7. Sarah Elyce says:

    I also like to go hiking to waterfalls. Instant cool off when you can play in the water at your destination.

  8. Wendy Mastin says:

    We have a pond and my grandson loves the sprinkler

  9. I love a big glass of ice tea. Then I like to play in the pool with the kids.

  10. Stephanie Phelps says:

    The way I stay cool in the summer is taking the kis to the lake and playing int the water! We also love to go the pool!

  11. Claire Rheinheimer says:

    Our favorite way to be cool is to be in our pool. We were in it almost all day yesterday, as an added bonus it makes my kids really tired! 🙂

  12. Sarah Elyce says:

    Wear light colored clothing, a wide brim hat, and drink plenty of water.

  13. Dorothy Teel says:

    One of the ways that we stay pool in the summer besides making homemade delicious and different tastes of popsicles, is that we have water fights with pieces of cut up sponges and buckets is a lot of fun, easier to get wet then balloons and easier to clean up after

  14. Sarah Elyce says:

    Frozen fruit, especially grapes, or fruit Popsicles/ smoothies help cool people down. Delicious and hydrating!

  15. Sherry Compton says:

    Lounging in and around the pool with some refreshing iced tea.

  16. Sarah Elyce says:

    Water gun fights are a fun way to stay cool.

  17. Leah Shumack says:

    We love to sneak off to the pool whenever we have some free time in the summer!

  18. Katherine Riley says:

    We like to go to the reservoir to swim. We pack a picnic and spend the day.

  19. We built a new deck so we like sitting on it. It is shaded all the time,

  20. Nicole Carter says:

    I love to go swimming when I can! But on most hot days I hook up the sprinkler and me and my daughter run through that.

  21. Jill Myrick says:

    Our favorite ways to stay cool are playing in the sprinkler, eating homemade ice cream and having a slice of ice cold watermelon.


  22. brittani adams says:

    There are a few things we enjoy doing to stay cool. If it isn’t swimming in the ocean, napping outside in the shade, it’s sitting in front of the a.c. for sure!

  23. shea balentine says:

    We have a lot of water balloon fights around here! A great way to stay cool and have fun too!

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