The Travelling Homeschool Room for the Military Family

Welcome to The Homeschool Village’s first ever Tour of Home{schools}!  We are so excited that you stopped in. We hope that you will find encouragement and ideas for all types of spaces, styles and personalities.   Boxes. I feel like they will be here until my husband retires from the Air Force. There are boxes in […]

Should We Take a Summer Break?

I believe every homeschooling family will face this question at least once throughout their children’s education. I have seen it rattle some mother’s hearts when the answer wasn’t easy. Let’s talk about some reasons people decide to school during the summer. 1. We need to catch up. Child #1 still has four chapters of math before he […]

How to Host a Curriculum Swap

It’s almost that time of year again! I am proud to say that this is the first year, medicine in a very long time, patient that we are looking at the end of many of our books and curriculum. What a blessing! I am excited when I think of the brand new books that will […]

Let’s Take This Outside!

Okay ladies, online so the cold weather is moving on out and it’s time to get the cabin fever out of yourself and your kids! I don’t know about you but winter around this house can cause major grumpiness and bad attitudes are more often present. It’s the time of year for me that I […]

Beating the Blues

Today it is 8 degrees outside. Through my open window above my computer screen, stomach the sky is gray and the branches on my giant sycamore are waving in the wind. I look to the ground and the grass has died and is long gone. They say it may snow outside and the thought of […]

Goals and Resolutions

Last month I gave my 15 year old an assignment. The topic was goals and he was to list 10 goals (each) he wished to accomplish: Over the next year Over the next 5 years Over the next 10 years I took a hands-off approach to this activity, cialis offering no ideas or suggestions. The […]

Homeschooling When It’s Hard

I have four children. They range from ages 9-15. I have it pretty easy most of the time. They are self-sufficient. They mostly do as they are told and we are having a period of everyone’s “got it” in their subjects. In the past this was very rarely the case. I have two with learning […]