Homeschooling When It’s Hard

I have four children. They range from ages 9-15. I have it pretty easy most of the time. They are self-sufficient. They mostly do as they are told and we are having a period of everyone’s “got it” in their subjects. In the past this was very rarely the case. I have two with learning […]

Five Fine-Motor Apps

Using the iPad for special needs therapy. My younger son recently won an iPad from a special needs blog. We use it in every type of therapy he does – occupational therapy, link speech therapy, and even behavioral therapy. The apps are especially helpful in strengthening his fine-motor skills, like control, strength, dexterity, and coordination.   […]

Occupational Therapy Outside

We’ve talked about doing occupational therapy at home, but now that the weather is warmer, we’re taking it outside! In the backyard or at the park, here are some ideas for strengthening those motor skills: Swinging-Kids with autism and sensory process disorder are calmed by the rythmic back and forth movement. Swinging is one of […]

Apps for Special Needs Kids (and Typical Kids Too!)

iPads and smart phones are helping special needs kids do things their parents never thought they could do! With speech apps like Proloquo2Go our kids are able to put their thoughts into words, like “stomach hurts.” Other apps like Dexteria  help kids strengthen their fine motor skills. We’ve been using apps to help James for […]

Occupational Therapy at Home

Many homeschool families worked hard to get their school spaces ready for the new school year! At our house, we do school and therapy (occupational and behavioral). Most of the time, James doesn’t even know he’s doing “therapy,” he just thinks he’s having fun! Here are his therapy spots around the house: One of the […]

Resourceful Parenting

“What do I need to be able to homeschool my child with special needs?” Flexibility. Your number one best characteristic is your ability to be flexible. I can’t write lesson plans in pen a semester ahead of time if you don’t know from day to day whether my son will be able to stay focused, […]

What Special Needs Parents Know that You Should Know Too

 When our son was diagnosed with autism, no one gave us a manual on what to do next. We had to do our own research in the areas of sensory processing disorder, diets and supplements, different types of therapy, and the latest research that could help our son. What we have learned has not only […]