Giving, Without Giving Up

Most of us are pretty busy people. In my own life, I am barely keeping up. When I think of giving my time to others, it sometimes feels overwhelming. Yet, isn’t that what Jesus told us to do?  How can we give, and teach our children to give, when we are over-scheduled and busy? First, there are two areas […]

Teaching Our Children Compassion

When our children were little, one way my husband and I taught them compassion was by showing them that the poor choices they made could hurt others. For example, if my child took another child’s toy I might say to him, “Johnny see you made Jill cry because you took her toy.” That was age […]

Habits and Schedules

Awhile back, before we moved our homeschool to the country, I was asked by one of my readers, “how do you stay on schedule or task, each day?” Besides the busyness from moving, I had to really think about that one. I’m usually pretty quick in my educated responses to people… but this one really […]

Letting go of “My Precious”

This is my Great-Grandmother’s tea set.  When it was passed down to me as a little girl, my Mother was very nervous, but she let me play with it when I was 10 years old.  When I got the tea set it had been cracked and glued back together, a few of the tea cups […]