Homeschooling When It’s Hard

I have four children. They range from ages 9-15. I have it pretty easy most of the time. They are self-sufficient. They mostly do as they are told and we are having a period of everyone’s “got it” in their subjects. In the past this was very rarely the case. I have two with learning […]

Spelling Help for the Struggling Student

Spelling can be a difficult subject for many students.  My oldest daughter was challenged by spelling, especially when taught in an auditory and textbook fashion.  She is a visual learner and required a different approach then a list of spelling words and short daily lessons. I soon learned to adjust to her learning style so […]

Tactile Activities for Learning Letters

When my older son was learning letters, he had a hard time really getting them. To help him get the shape of each letter in his mind, I came up with a few tactile activities! Pipe cleaner letters– I made each letter out of pipe cleaners and glued them onto a note card. He traced […]

Signs of Dyslexia in Early Readers

Every day we read. We worked through his reading book. We did sight words. We read Bob books and other early readers.  And every day we both got more frustrated. Then one Sunday a little girl told him he had a “weak brain” because he couldn’t read as well as she could. He cried. I […]