Giving, Without Giving Up

Most of us are pretty busy people. In my own life, I am barely keeping up. When I think of giving my time to others, it sometimes feels overwhelming. Yet, isn’t that what Jesus told us to do?  How can we give, and teach our children to give, when we are over-scheduled and busy? First, there are two areas […]

How to Keep Your New Years Resolutions

  The New Year is a time when many of us decide to make a fresh start. For some of us it’s making new habits and for others it’s about breaking old ones. Our goals can range from changing things that affect our whole family to personal goals. Whatever it is you are thinking about […]

Flexibility Matters

I would say that most of us who homeschool know that a great benefit is that we can be flexible in our scheduling. What I didn’t expect and always seems to haunt me is the guilt that goes along with venturing from the norm or changing my planned schedule. I know that we homeschool so that we […]

Finding Sustenance

I used to think the easiest thing in the world was to eat. To find what I needed and just whip it into something pleasing for my children and myself for a meal. I took too much liberty with that. Then I had a stroke that took my ability to eat away from me. I can no longer […]

Teaching Our Children Compassion

When our children were little, one way my husband and I taught them compassion was by showing them that the poor choices they made could hurt others. For example, if my child took another child’s toy I might say to him, “Johnny see you made Jill cry because you took her toy.” That was age […]

Real Life

My sweet girls. How I want them to know that real life isn’t perfect. It isn’t rosy and cheerful all the time. Sometimes, life is messy and hard and painful. And… no matter what… we can find joy in our days because they are made by God. Well, this lesson came in a funny fashion […]

Letting go of “My Precious”

This is my Great-Grandmother’s tea set.  When it was passed down to me as a little girl, my Mother was very nervous, but she let me play with it when I was 10 years old.  When I got the tea set it had been cracked and glued back together, a few of the tea cups […]