Beat the Winter Blahs with a Change of Scenery

The holidays are over. The fun and excitement has ended. It’s February. The thrill of the new year has passed and given way to dark, cold, long winter days. Yes, it’s official. The winter blahs have set in. Everyone’s situation is different. Your blahs may stem from the fact that the bitter cold keeps you […]

10 Things to Do Outside the Home but Indoors During the Winter

It’s December, are you getting cabin fever, yet? Wondering how you will keep your kids busy when you really can’t be outside for very long, because of the winter weather? Wondering how you will make it through the rest of the season?   Well, besides the obvious museums and library trips, here are some things […]

Learning on the Go

We’re about to travel cross country to California.  I grew up going on road trips, and my husband hates flying with a passion reserved for mortal enemies.  Most people would look on this concept with dread.  I’m looking forward to it.   Why you might ask?   Because think of the wonderful chance to learn […]