Hey Parents—Why the Rush???

Peer pressure. There’s a decent chance that many of you have been affected. It happens when homeschool mothers begin to take notice of what other families are doing in their schooling. We feel the pressure to be great. We feel the pressure to insure our children that they are gaining the absolute best education they […]

Five Fine-Motor Apps

Using the iPad for special needs therapy. My younger son recently won an iPad from a special needs blog. We use it in every type of therapy he does – occupational therapy, link speech therapy, and even behavioral therapy. The apps are especially helpful in strengthening his fine-motor skills, like control, strength, dexterity, and coordination.   […]

Occupational Therapy Outside

We’ve talked about doing occupational therapy at home, but now that the weather is warmer, we’re taking it outside! In the backyard or at the park, here are some ideas for strengthening those motor skills: Swinging-Kids with autism and sensory process disorder are calmed by the rythmic back and forth movement. Swinging is one of […]