Giving, Without Giving Up

Most of us are pretty busy people. In my own life, I am barely keeping up. When I think of giving my time to others, it sometimes feels overwhelming. Yet, isn’t that what Jesus told us to do?  How can we give, and teach our children to give, when we are over-scheduled and busy? First, there are two areas […]

Flexibility Matters

I would say that most of us who homeschool know that a great benefit is that we can be flexible in our scheduling. What I didn’t expect and always seems to haunt me is the guilt that goes along with venturing from the norm or changing my planned schedule. I know that we homeschool so that we […]

When Family Doesn’t Support Your Decision to Homeschool

I first made the decision to homeschool my oldest thirteen years ago. My husband had several siblings who had homeschooled their kids and my decision didn’t raise any eyebrows on that side of the family. His family was supportive and encouraging and those who had homeschooled themselves were helpful and full of suggestions. It therefore […]

Homeschooling When It’s Hard

I have four children. They range from ages 9-15. I have it pretty easy most of the time. They are self-sufficient. They mostly do as they are told and we are having a period of everyone’s “got it” in their subjects. In the past this was very rarely the case. I have two with learning […]

Keeping Up With Standards

  This is a confession. I would ask you not to laugh but I laugh every time I think of this.   I like to check out the state SOL’s (Standards of Learning) every now and then to see if my children are on target with their learning. I do not feel the need to […]

The Polar Bear Plunge!

How I can remember the first morning standing at the front door watching the yellow bus drive by. I can remember the coffee freezing for a moment in my throat. Was I doing the right thing? This was going to be big, viagra buy life altering day. My daughter was in her pajamas and finishing […]

The “Perfect” First Day of School

Once upon a time I thought that we would have the best year of school if I found the perfect day or week to start school.  A day when life was settled, ed the laundry was caught up, remedy the phone did not ring, cialis thing went as planned, and most importantly, the kids were […]

5 Reasons Homeschooling is a Great Option for Single Moms

Few people plan to be a single mom. Whether it’s death, divorce or deployment, many women find themselves “suddenly single.” Circumstances rage out of control and questions beg for answers. Questions like… “how will I get out of bed tomorrow”,”where will we live?” and “can I still homeschool?” Often we think these questions have obvious […]

Preparing for the School Year: The Marathon Epiphany

It’s time to start school again. I’m not as excited as I have been in years past, although I’ve been talking it up to the girls and putting on my happy face. To be honest, I’m tired. I have put prayer and thought into making changes so our homeschool will match what I feel God […]

A Time for Everything

As a mom one of the biggest things that I struggle with is time management. It is natural for me to think that I am being more productive with my time, the more that I accomplish.  I love check lists and the more that I check off, the better I feel. Along with this frame […]

How To Put More Home Into Your School

Even though I don’t know you personally, dosage I can pretty much guess you’re caught in the tide of curriculum choices, activities and commitments to add to the calendar for the upcoming homeschool year. I know this because I’m right there with you, trying to navigate the choppy waters of planning in hopes of landing […]

What Every Homeschooler Should Know

With every year that passes in a homeschooling family, a host of discoveries are made.  Through accomplishments and defeats, we learn what works, what doesn’t; we reveal layers in ourselves we didn’t even know existed.  You learn things every homeschooling family needs to know, but often have to discover for themselves.  Let me share with […]

Letting go of “My Precious”

This is my Great-Grandmother’s tea set.  When it was passed down to me as a little girl, my Mother was very nervous, but she let me play with it when I was 10 years old.  When I got the tea set it had been cracked and glued back together, a few of the tea cups […]

Homeschool Manifesto + GIVEAWAY

Today we have a guest post from Misty Krasawski of Encouraging Beautiful Motherhood and a giveaway of her new book Back to Homeschool! If you’re a homeschooling mama, you know the weight of that title. No matter what your reasons were for beginning the journey of home education, they were enough to launch you into a […]