Let’s Take This Outside!

Okay ladies, online so the cold weather is moving on out and it’s time to get the cabin fever out of yourself and your kids! I don’t know about you but winter around this house can cause major grumpiness and bad attitudes are more often present. It’s the time of year for me that I […]

Mid-Year Review with FREE Printable

  Each year during our Christmas break from schooling, I complete a mid-year review of our homeschooling progress. This is a great tool for me, as it shows me how much we have already accomplished but yet it gives me a chance to really assess the situation, to determine what is working well {or not […]

Flexibility Matters

I would say that most of us who homeschool know that a great benefit is that we can be flexible in our scheduling. What I didn’t expect and always seems to haunt me is the guilt that goes along with venturing from the norm or changing my planned schedule. I know that we homeschool so that we […]

Homeschooling Through the Holidays

I know how challenging it can be to stay on top of your homeschooling lessons during the holidays. I don’t know about you, but for me it seems like there just aren’t enough days in December to get it all done! We have Christmas parties, church programs, and co-op activities galore! Trying to figure out […]

Finding Sustenance

I used to think the easiest thing in the world was to eat. To find what I needed and just whip it into something pleasing for my children and myself for a meal. I took too much liberty with that. Then I had a stroke that took my ability to eat away from me. I can no longer […]

10 Things to Do Outside the Home but Indoors During the Winter

It’s December, are you getting cabin fever, yet? Wondering how you will keep your kids busy when you really can’t be outside for very long, because of the winter weather? Wondering how you will make it through the rest of the season?   Well, besides the obvious museums and library trips, here are some things […]

Overcoming Homeschool Burnout

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes it seems to creep up out of nowhere. Other times it builds up slowly, and we can feel the ugly effects rising up. I’m talking about homeschool burnout. If you’re a veteran homeschooler, you know just what I mean. If you’re new to homeschooling and the honeymoon […]

Homeschooling Through Teen Years

As a homeschooling mom of two teen boys who are in high school I have found limited resources pertaining to their age group. This is due to most homeschooling moms working with their children through elementary and junior high. Or, like me, their classrooms are now computer based with limited interaction. But we did not start […]

Homeschooling When It’s Hard

I have four children. They range from ages 9-15. I have it pretty easy most of the time. They are self-sufficient. They mostly do as they are told and we are having a period of everyone’s “got it” in their subjects. In the past this was very rarely the case. I have two with learning […]

Hey Parents—Why the Rush???

Peer pressure. There’s a decent chance that many of you have been affected. It happens when homeschool mothers begin to take notice of what other families are doing in their schooling. We feel the pressure to be great. We feel the pressure to insure our children that they are gaining the absolute best education they […]

Homeschooling Doesn’t Have to be Public School at Home

“Homeschool” doesn’t need to be the public school modeled at home. It just needs to be what works for you and your kids. If you are new to homeschooling {or even if you are not}, please let me explain. I’ve been hearing a lot of new-to-homeschooling moms say that they have to stick to the […]

Keeping Up With Standards

  This is a confession. I would ask you not to laugh but I laugh every time I think of this.   I like to check out the state SOL’s (Standards of Learning) every now and then to see if my children are on target with their learning. I do not feel the need to […]

The Polar Bear Plunge!

How I can remember the first morning standing at the front door watching the yellow bus drive by. I can remember the coffee freezing for a moment in my throat. Was I doing the right thing? This was going to be big, viagra buy life altering day. My daughter was in her pajamas and finishing […]

Homeschool Reading: Let’s Read!

I love to read. There is nothing better than being so absorbed in a book that you realize you should have gone to bed 2 hours ago!  Naturally, ask I love to read to my kids, cialis also.  We have spent countless hours sitting on the couch reading picture books.  Of course when they were […]

Not Starting Back to School

As I write this, vcialis 40mg everyone is posting about starting school. Blog posts abound during the month of August about the first day of school—planning for it, sales making it memorable, and just doing it. But I’m not there. Generally, we don’t plan to “start school” until after Labor Day. I’ve never been able […]