Lamb Craft

This month’s featured craft is a cute, versatile lamb craft.  I first saw this adorable lamb over at Family Fun and knew my little girls would love helping me make it (check out the their site  for a lion version of this craft.) I tweaked the original craft and came up with our own Easter […]

Spray Heart Art

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Here’s a simple heart  project to do! Supplies: Spray bottles food coloring water color paper or cardstock hearts cut from cardstock or cardboard masking tape stamps (optional) black paint (optional) Directions: First tape the hearts onto water color paper or cardstock. You want the hearts to be as flat […]

Number Collage

Each month I come up with a seasonal craft to share. While brainstorming ideas, I decided to research January holidays. Of course we have the traditional New Year’s Eve countdown, the fact that we are starting a new calendar year, Ben Franklin’s birthday, Sir Isaac Newton’s birthday and many other fun days to celebrate. What […]

Bottle Cap Baby Jesus

After collecting and brainstorming ways to reuse plastic lids, I thought it would be fun to come up with a bottle cap Christmas craft. Once I had the idea, I gathered up various miscellaneous crafts supplies and got to work. I think bottle cap baby Jesus turned out pretty cute! Here’s what I did: Supplies: […]