St. Patrick’s Day for Christ

Each year on March 17, treatment everyone in our family wears green and you can fully expect to be pinched if not. Since I was a child this has been the tradition. However, stomach I had never given thought to what St. Patrick’s Day was really celebrating until one of my own children asked me […]

How to Keep Your New Years Resolutions

  The New Year is a time when many of us decide to make a fresh start. For some of us it’s making new habits and for others it’s about breaking old ones. Our goals can range from changing things that affect our whole family to personal goals. Whatever it is you are thinking about […]

Goals and Resolutions

Last month I gave my 15 year old an assignment. The topic was goals and he was to list 10 goals (each) he wished to accomplish: Over the next year Over the next 5 years Over the next 10 years I took a hands-off approach to this activity, cialis offering no ideas or suggestions. The […]

Flexibility Matters

I would say that most of us who homeschool know that a great benefit is that we can be flexible in our scheduling. What I didn’t expect and always seems to haunt me is the guilt that goes along with venturing from the norm or changing my planned schedule. I know that we homeschool so that we […]

Teaching Our Children Compassion

When our children were little, one way my husband and I taught them compassion was by showing them that the poor choices they made could hurt others. For example, if my child took another child’s toy I might say to him, “Johnny see you made Jill cry because you took her toy.” That was age […]

Help! I’m Not a Planner!

Photo Credit   It’s that time of year–well, for many anyway. Time for homeschool planning to kick into high gear! Time to get out that shiny, pretty, just-waiting-to-be-filled planner or print out those planning pages. Time to hope and dream of field trips, hands-on projects, and reading the classics (or whatever thrills you!) But what […]

Finding Your Homeschool Groove

  Finding your homeschool groove can take plenty of trial and error.  Finding your groove involves nothing more than being in a comfortable spot with your day. Notice I don’t say a perfect day, I said a comfortable day. We are getting ready to embark on our 7th year of home education.  I have found […]

Setting & Achieving Goals in Your Homeschool

Summertime activities in our home are many: gardening, playing outside, taking in the local sights, being with friends, or maybe just hanging out indoors near our window air conditioner when life gets to hot. One other summertime activity I try to do is to evaluate our family’s long term goals and to set new goals […]