Apples and Pumpkins Hoppin’ Harvest Game

Need an active game for your fall, apple, or pumpkin themes? Try this “Apples and Pumpkin Hoppin’ Harvest Game!” Activity Objective Aimed for preschoolers through elementary ages, this active game provides an opportunity to incorporate fitness with content practice in a fall theme. Your children use fitness skills to complete the activity and practice sight […]

5 Pumpkin Sensory Activities

It’s that time of year where pumpkins are everywhere! Today, I am sharing 5 pumpkin sensory activities to celebrate fall! 1. Explore a Pumpkin Kids love to explore, so open up a pumpkin and let them discover what’s inside of a pumpkin. Have them use their hands to feel the pumpkin pulp and slimy seeds, […]

Using Technology with Preschoolers

This post contains affiliate links. This series is sponsored by my absolute favorite homeschool organizing tool…Scholaric Planner. Scholaric makes my planning life a breeze! Technology is all around us and although I firmly believe that screen-time should be limited, I also believe there are benefits to using technology with preschoolers. Today I will be sharing […]

Organizing Preschool Alphabet Boxes

A big thank you to Apologia for sponsoring this series… Organizing preschool supplies can be a daunting task, so today I am going to show you an easy way to get alphabet boxes ready for an entire year. An alphabet box is a tool used to teach children sound recognition. There’s a container for each […]

Organizing Creative Materials So You Can Actually USE Them

A big thank you to Apologia for sponsoring this series… Before staying home with my kids, symptoms I was a public school teacher. We were taught to plan. Some school districts even required teachers to submit their lesson plans to the principal weekly or even daily. (Yikes.) Being both a “teacher’s pet” when I was […]

Hey Parents—Why the Rush???

Peer pressure. There’s a decent chance that many of you have been affected. It happens when homeschool mothers begin to take notice of what other families are doing in their schooling. We feel the pressure to be great. We feel the pressure to insure our children that they are gaining the absolute best education they […]

Tactile Activities for Learning Letters

When my older son was learning letters, he had a hard time really getting them. To help him get the shape of each letter in his mind, I came up with a few tactile activities! Pipe cleaner letters– I made each letter out of pipe cleaners and glued them onto a note card. He traced […]

Memory Boxes

I watch as my little girl’s eyes well up with tears for no apparent reason.  “What’s wrong?” I ask sympathetically. “I’m so sad about my paper princess doll, cialis ” she sobs.  “I miss her!  Why did you throw her away?  In those stinky fish?  I should have written my name on her!” I heave […]

Pruning Preschool

Pruning – (verb) ….Webster definition is to reduce especially by eliminating superfluous matter ..Wikipedia definition…. reasons to prune  include, shaping (by controlling or directing growth), improving or maintaining health, reducing risk from falling branches, and increasing the yield or quality of flowers and fruit.    As Spring as comes around it’s time to dust the cobwebs […]