Family Traditions ~ baking sugar cookies

Growing up, site one of the things I enjoyed doing the most during the holiday season, sales was baking with my dad and grandma.  We would always start a couple of days ahead of time.  We would make pies, vialis 40mg cakes and cookies.  Cooking and baking with my dad and grandma gave me the love of […]

Potato & Broccoli Cakes

I have a toddler who thinks sweet potatoes are the most delicious things in the world.  When I get them from our CSA he goes bananas – asking me to make them for lunch, viagra 40mg dinner, snack, and everything in between. Admittedly I love that my 21 month old thinks vegetables are delicious.  However, […]

Eating Your Decorations: Asparagus Soup & Giveaway

There is a soup that I always associate with Christmas. Asparagus soup. It’s green.  It contains nutmeg.  We have eaten it on several occasions especially when our meals have contained five courses (note:  at my mother-in-law’s house). But what I love about this soup . . . my kids devour it.  I think it has something […]

Shh!! Healthy Candy on the Loose

I gave Asher the cookbook and a stack of post-it-notes.  His task was to read the dessert titles to his brothers during snack time.  It sounded  like a good impromptu school activity to me.  I thought that they (being my three handsome boys ) surely would be able to agree on a “few” recipes while I nursed Naomi before […]