Let’s Take This Outside!

Okay ladies, online so the cold weather is moving on out and it’s time to get the cabin fever out of yourself and your kids! I don’t know about you but winter around this house can cause major grumpiness and bad attitudes are more often present. It’s the time of year for me that I […]

Let Them Explore

I love to do science in the summer. Did you notice, ambulance I said “do” and not “teach”? Teaching is fine for the school year when there are facts to memorize, dosage but at our house summer is when those facts are brought to practical use. Summer science at our house is all about exploration. […]

Summer Science

Summer is fast approaching. For many of us, that means a break from our formal home education. The textbooks go on the shelf and we get a break from grading and evaluating. As much as we enjoy the time off, we really enjoy studying science during the summer. It’s the perfect time to get outside […]

Add Life To The End Of The School Year

With only a few weeks left in the school year, unhealthy we sometimes find ourselves just going through the motions trying to make our way through the rest of our curriculum before summer hits. The kids can even be just “doing the time” to check their daily lessons off the list. We all need some […]

All Because Of A Little App

  While browsing education apps on my iPod touch, capsule I came across an app called Sky View. It caught my eye because I have been interested in the stars and constellations since I was young. Growing up, pharmacy I loved to sit outside and stare at the inky night sky dotted with brilliant tiny […]