The Luck of the Irish Giveaway Hop

The Luck of the Irish Giveaway

The Luck of the Irish Giveaway

Do you celebrate or study the history behind St Patrick’s Day? Do you dress up in green or eat only green foods? Have a party? No matter how you mark this date, winning this giveaway would be a nice bonus of a little “green” to spend!

Welcome to the Luck of the Irish Giveaway Hop!

The Luck of the Irish Giveaway

This hop is being coordinated by  It’s Free at Last and  Mom Does Reviews. We have over 40 sites participating so you will need to make sure you hop through all the sites and enter to win their prize package.

Giveaway hops are a little different than a regular giveaway. In the hops, each participating site is offering their own prize package. In order to be entered into the drawing, you have to enter on each participating site. Ready?

Giveaway Details

Happy St Pattys Day Giveaway

Our prize package is a $20 egift card to Amazon.
This event is open to anyone over 18 (except where prohibited by law).
Winner will be drawn at random and notified via email with notice of 24 hours to claim prize.

Happy St Patty's Day Giveaway Blog Hop

Once you enter to win my event, make sure you click through the listing below. A great way to keep up with your entries is to start with the name list after mine. When you get back to me, you know you have completed the loop and are entered into all the giveaways.

Good luck!



  1. With a big pile of corned beef and cabbage, that’s how.

  2. I don’t celebrate St. Patty’s Day here in the North Pole. But I’ll definitely wear a green shirt to work.

  3. kelly tupick says:

    My twin sister and i like to go out and have a fun night on the town as it is our birthday as well.

  4. I always like wearing green.

  5. Cathy French says:

    I celebrate by eating my favorite rueben sandwich from a good sub shop.

  6. We usually celebrate by having corned beef at a local Irish eatery that has bagpipers for entertainment.

  7. My favorite way to celebrate is by wearing Green!

  8. My favorite way to celebrate is by wearing green.

  9. My favorite way to celebrate, is to go out with friends.

  10. paige chandler says:

    I get a green beer with my Irish friends every year.

  11. Pamela Gurganus says:

    I don’t celebrate St. Patty’s Day.

  12. Ann Fantom says:

    We celebrate by going to the St. Patrick’s day parade and have corned beef and cabbage for dinner.

  13. I like to wear green on St. Patty’s Day.

  14. Jeanna Massman says:

    I usually wear green and I have some shamrock earrings that I wear.o

  15. Charity Cram says:

    My favorite way to celebrate is pinching family members that forget to wear green!

  16. Angelica Dimeo says:

    I like to hang out with friends and have good food

  17. shelly peterson says:

    I wear green and we go get Shamrock milkshakes.

  18. Terri Irvin says:

    I bake homemade Irish soda bread and serve Irish stew or corned beef and cabbage.

  19. Annamarie V says:

    My favorite way to celebrate St Patrick’s day is with a nice corned beef dinner at my Mom’s.

  20. Sarah Phillips says:

    My favorite way to celebrate St. Patricks day is to bake some sweet green treats! My husband and I also like to watch the scary movie Leprechaun every couple of years. LOL 🙂

  21. Sonya Sanderson says:

    I always watch The Quiet Man on St Patricks day.

  22. Nikolina says:

    I love going out for a beer with my friends.

  23. Diana Powell says:

    I love to celebrate St Patty’s Day with a glass of green beer with my hubby.

  24. Natalie says:

    My mom’s birthday is on St Patty’s Day so we always go out to dinner to celebrate!

  25. I celebrate by wearing something green all day 🙂

  26. Cynthia R says:

    My favorite way to celebrate is to wear something silly and green and go have a beer.

  27. Sarah L says:

    I always wear green.
    Thanks for the contest.

  28. Laura J says:

    Oh we love to celebrate with baking! Love making Irish Stew…corned beef and cabbage….oh had St Patricks day Jello Poke cake!

  29. Heather E says:

    I love to celebrate by drinking a Shamrock shake!

  30. I sometimes wear green. Does that count? 🙂

  31. shelly peterson says:

    I usually wear something green.

  32. Michele P says:

    We really don’t do too much, we might have corned beef and hash or something like that but otherwise we pretty much stay home.

  33. I celebrate by wearing green.

  34. Heather E says:

    I love to celebrate with a Shamrock shake!

  35. Heidi Spittler says:

    Our favorite way of celebrating St. Patties day is to go out to the bar with our friends!

  36. Usually just make a corned beef, cabbage and red potatoes. Wear something green if I remember.

  37. Hannah C says:

    I sometimes like to bake cookies for St. Patty’s Day.

  38. I love celebrating by drinking a green beer!

  39. I like to eat corned beef.

  40. My favorite way to celebrate is with a party.

  41. Laura J says:

    We love wearing green to Celebrate St Patricks day!

  42. Nicole Sender says:

    I like to have corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day dinner!

  43. I don’t really celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I do wear green but that’s about it 🙂

  44. shelly peterson says:

    The family likes to go get Shamrock milkshakes.

  45. Heather E says:

    I wear green. 🙂

  46. Heather Cowin says:

    We don’t celebrate!

  47. Cynthia R says:

    My favorite way to celebrate St Patick’s Day is to wear green, eat something green, and have a beer.

  48. i celebrate by wearing green

  49. Robin Abrams says:

    We wear green and have corned beef and cabbage for dinner

  50. Sherry Compton says:

    I enjoy having a good dinner with family. My daughter makes green drinks and we watch a movie together. Of course, we all wear green.

  51. Paol Trenny says:

    We like to go to our local parade the weekend before St. Patty’s.

  52. Laura J says:

    We love decorating for St Patricks Day around the house!

  53. Linda Bradshaw says:

    We do not have anything special that we do now that my grandpa passed away. It was his birthday so we always had a family gathering. Now we don’t do anything.

  54. shelly peterson says:

    We like to go to our local St. Patrick’s Day parade.

  55. My favorite way to celebrate St. Patty’s Day is with a corned beef and cabbage dinner.

  56. Barbara Montag says:

    I take an Irish friend out for green beer and appetizers.
    thank you

  57. Sherry Compton says:

    My daughter makes green drinks…wonderful and colorful.

  58. Heather E says:

    I like to spend it hanging with my Irish friend, Catherine!

  59. Cynthia R says:

    PRobably wearing something green and watching a St. Patrick’s Day parade.

  60. Cori Westphal says:

    We don’t really celebrate St Pattys, but it’s still fun to have a green treat or dessert on that day!

    coriwestphal at gmail dot com

  61. Sarah L says:

    Pinching people who don’t wear green.

  62. Donna N says:

    I don’t really celebrate anymore, other than wearing green

  63. Daniel M says:

    about all i do is just wear something green

  64. Sarah L says:

    I stay away from green beer…

  65. We usually only make sure we’re wearing green so we don’t get pinched! And I like to watch for non green wearers lol!

  66. My favorite way to celebrate is by going out to see some live traditional Irish music!

  67. Jessica Cox says:

    My family just makes sure to wear something green .

  68. Sue Mullaney says:

    I usually stay home but I do like to wear something green!

  69. Juana Esparza says:

    The only thing I do is wear green.

  70. Oh we also love to play little fun tricks on the kids like turning the lightbulbs green!

  71. Heather E says:

    I like to go hunting for the leprechauns’ pots of gold! (Haven’t found one yet though!)

  72. Teresa Moore says:

    I usually try to cook a green colored meal for my daughter and I. I think I will make green spaghetti noodles with sauce and add some green color to some butter for garlic bread this year.

  73. Sarah L says:

    Wearing lots of green.

  74. Lindsay Giedosh says:

    I don’t actually celebrate but I always like to wear green or do some kind of cute St. Patty’s Day makeup look for the day

  75. shelly peterson says:

    we enjoy attending our local parade.

  76. Bridgett Wilbur says:

    We always have corn beef and cabbage on st. patty’s day with the whols family.

  77. I usually like to spend a quiet night at home, but I do make sure to wear something green!

  78. Francine Anchondo says:

    I wear green and drink some green beer.

  79. Brenda Callahan says:

    Corned Beef and Cabbage and watch everyone pretend they are Irish 🙂

  80. Heather E says:

    Corned beef and cabbage!

  81. Leanne Godfrey says:

    My favorite way to celebrate is by having lunch at a local Irish pub! It’s really fun!

  82. Deborah W. says:

    I like to dress in green, wear my shamrock earring, bake some Irish food like corned beef with cabbage and make a green dessert.

  83. Diana C says:

    I love wearing my green on St. Patty’s day. Once I drank green beer and it was not me. Ha!

  84. Ashley C says:

    I do not celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I’m Italian. And really have no interest in St. Patrick’s Day.

  85. Hannah C says:

    I love to drink shamrock shakes!

  86. Terry S. says:

    I love to get together with family and friends over Corned Beef and Cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day.

  87. Nicole Sender says:

    I like to celebrate with a corned beef and cabbage dinner!

  88. Marnie G (Derrick Todd) says:

    For St Patrick’s Day I like to wear some green and we enjoy going out to eat corned beef and cabbage with a green beer.

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