Black Friday Review – Truth in the Tinsel

I am overly excited to review Amanda White’s new ebook, Truth in the Tinsel, an advent experience for little hands!

I have been stalking Amanda’s blog Impress Your Kids for awhile now – picking up great ideas to do with my youngest son.  Nervous to introduce myself to Amanda at Relevant – I was so overjoyed to spend some quality time chatting with her.  Amanda’s heart radiates her desire to share Jesus with children!

When she asked for folks to review her ebook I jumped at the opportunity because I knew it wasn’t going to be a typical ebook but rather a hands on – project full fun activity book for little ones.  And I have a 4 year old ready to glue, glitter, and get to creating!

The ebook kicks off with my favorite – hand holding help, “How to Use this Book”.  (Thank you Amanda).  There are 24 “clues” – and if you are like me and do not own a fancy open-door advent calendar … Amanda suggests the good-old-fashion paper chains.  Then comes the reading scripture part and your child is interested because they are waiting to hear the day’s clue – and encouraged to “yell it out” whenever they hear it.

Next comes the crafts and thankfully Amanda relieves the stress and pressure of perfection.

 “These ornaments are simply crafts with simple supplies you should have around your home.  You are not trying to make amazing ornaments to grace Macy’s Christmas Tree”.

For us moms who do not have these “simple supplies” around our home – the next page is the “Full Supply List” — print it out and take it to the store !!  If you are hesitant about crafts with your little ones I suggest printing the following page right away too – “Daily Supply List”  – prep your area early and you will not feel overwhelmed.  The crafts are simply, easy, and fun !

As you make your ornament we are encouraged to “talk about it” with helpful questions on the passage, people, or topics of the day’s reading to help our children think about it more.  (for older kids possibly check out some cross references / parallel scriptures).  There is very little pressure to create the “ah-mazing” moment every day!

“Don’t push conversation, but let your children discuss, think, and ask questions about the story”.

The entire process should not take more than 30 minutes!  If the discussion keeps going there are “Do More” activities – Amanda provides additional resources: songs, activities (an obstacle course – oh yes!), stories, etc.!

Does the idea of another advent project seem overwhelming because December is a little too busy to work on a project every day?  No worries – Amanda has a second schedule to work on Sundays!

“The little Baby is no longer in the manger but alive and sitting on a throne – waiting to have a relationship with you and your children.  Help your children get to know Him this Christmas!”

This book is fun, projects adorable, and keeps little ones engaged.  The quality time spent together is the perfect way to prepare our younger children’s hearts for Christmas!

Exciting affordable price – $4.99

You can keep up with Amanda and Truth in the Tinsel on facebook – or Amanda’s blog Impress Your Kids. 

* I received this ebook free in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Love the “Macy’s Christmas Tree” quote! Nice review…

    I have no doubt we will have a ton of fun – and at least a few ah-mazing moments with this book!

  2. Stef, I totally agree! We couldn’t be more excited to do this devotional this year… We were so excited that we started the first day this morning just to see what it would be like!


  3. I have a 7 and 5 year old. Do you they are too old for this book? Thanks!

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