Top 2011 Posts from The HSV

2011 has been a terrific year for The Homeschool Village!    We are incredibly thankful for the time and support from our contributing writers!

Here are the Top 11 Posts of 2011 …

We look forward to 2012 and starting January with guest posts from our homeschool friends: Clay Clarkson, Jimmie’s Collage, Mercy Found Me, Rambling with Grace, Our Good Family, Fruit in Season, Jamie Worley, Tiany Davis from The Homeschool Lounge,  and many others !

In 2011 we wanted to equip and encourage homeschool families with a focus on hands on homeschooling.  Starting February 2012 our writing team will be sharing topics geared more specifically toward the homeschool mom and her home and how we can encourage her personally.   Since we are moms – we want to reach moms hearts and encourage on topics like: faith, health & wellness, organization, kitchen time, intentional family, and sharing other great ideas!

Early spring we hope to read together: How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. For Your Kids, by Rachael Carman

We look forward to 2012 – and thank you for joining us!  We appreciate you stopping by and making The Homeschool Village a community!

We’re all wishing you a very blessed 2012 !


  1. Thanks for posting these! Although it looks like the link for the one about planning your homeschool year is broken. Happy new Year!

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