Washi Tape Covered Jumbo Clothes Pins

Washi Tape Covered Jumbo Clothes Pins


Washi Tape Craft: Clothes Pins

I am not sure who has found more ways to use washi tape this year..the children or me! You would laugh at some of the things they have created with their tape. I will admit, that I smile every time I use my jumbo clothes pins. I use them on my desk like paper clips. Aren’t they cute?

Another big “Yay” from me about washi tape is that the little ones can use it on their own. It is easy to rip and doesn’t require scissors or sharp edges like the tape dispenser.

It is also very forgiving…those “oops” can be fixed just by lifting the washi tape and placing it back where you wanted it in the first place.

Washi Tape Covered Jumbo Clothes Pins

Items Needed:
Several jumbo clothes pins
Washi tape – any choice of color or design


  • Start the beginning of the tape inside the clothes pin and continue around along the outside and over the edge, back towards the metal spring inside.
  • Repeat on the other side of the pin so both sides are covered.
  • Optional: Glue a magnet on one side if you plan on hanging these pins on the refrigerator.


There is no limit on what you can cover with washi tape. Create customized binder clips or pencils. Wrap party straws for your next gathering.  Wrap a chalk board or a note pad as a teacher gift.

Turn your little ones loose with several rolls of washi tape and an assortment of little ornaments, letters, just about anything that you would normally let them paint, color, or glue together. Let them create their own masterpieces. I bet you will be surprised at how creative they can be!




  1. I made some of these to hot-glue to the wall at school so I could hang student work from them. They turned out so cute, and several other teachers followed suit. Unfortunately the clothespins broke (leaving the glued bottoms on the wall) so I might need to choose sturdier clips next time.

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