Washi Tape Covered Pencils

Washi Tape Covered Pencils


Washi Tape Covered Pencils

My little helpers are super busy this week making gifts for their friends and family. I have to admit that I have become a washi tape fan. This stuff is amazing! I really like that it is easy enough for the little ones to be able to tear the tape on their own. They have turned on their creative juices this week!

I love all the different designs that are available. Seriously, view if you have not started creating things with washi tape; you are in for a huge surprise.

For those on our list that are still homeschooling, try we are making a way to help keep up with the pencils. This quick little craft puts a stop to not knowing which pencil is yours. I know.. anything to keep the chaos at bay!

Washi Tape Covered Pencils

DIY Washi Tape Holiday Gifts

Items Needed:
Pencils – plain #2 pencils natural finish work the best but you can use the large pencils if needed for younger ones
Washi Tape – your choice of design and color but I suggest a different design and color for each person


  • If you are using the regular #2 pencil, link depending of the width and pattern of your washi tape, unroll and start wrapping the pencil just under the metal cap under the eraser.
  • If the pattern is diagonal, you can wrap the washi tape around the pencil overlapping the edges as you move down the length towards the tip.
  • If the pencil is wider than your washi tape, cover one side and then match design up on the other side overlapping the edges. You may have to adjust where you start on the end of the tape to match the design with the other side.
  • Press down along the length of the pencil to secure the washi tape to both the pencil and to the overlapped tape if that was required in order to completely cover the pencil.

Another easy gift to make with washi tape is a personalized jumbo clothes pin. These pins can be used to hold papers together on your desk or notes on the refrigerator.

There is no limit on what you can cover with washi tape. Create customized binder clips or party straws for your next gathering.  Wrap a chalk board or a several jumbo clothes pins as a teacher gift. Get creative!



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