Washi Tape Craft: Chalkboard

Washi Tape Craft: Chalkboard

Washi Tape Craft: Chalkboard

This week we are sharing a super easy gift for a teacher or friend. My crew uses chalkboards for math drills and spelling tests. 

If you are not familiar with washi tape, viagra 60mg it is a decorative paper style tape with a large variety of designs. It can be applied to just about anything. I like that is can be lifted up and reapplied if you mess up. Not many things are that forgiving.

Items Needed:
Washi tape – choice of design

Depending on the design of your washi tape, stuff apply the tape along the frame edges overlapping we needed to completely cover the frame or to accent the edges.
Press down and rub over the washi tape to make sure it adheres to the frame.

Optional: Hot glue on floral or other embellishments along the edges of the frame.



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