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Apologia: The Human Body Advanced Biology

Apologia: The Human Body Advanced Biology

Apologia: The Human Body Advanced Biology

Apologia: The Human Body Advanced BiologyIf you are looking for a Science curriculum that expands on a Christian worldview then the Apologia Sciences are for you. Dr. Jay Wile the primary author has designed a program to prepare students for college level courses but is written in a user- friendly style. Many homeschool families have used his textbooks with great success. Parents who thought they would never be able to teach the sciences to their students excitedly have claimed that it could be done with “Dr. Wile’s Apologia.”

He is the primary author of Science textbooks known as the Apologia “Exploring Creation With” series. His credentials list is long and includes a PHD in Nuclear Chemistry and former professor of Chemistry at Ball State University.  He is a much sought after speaker at Homeschool Conventions around the country. There he explains to parents how he realized the need for a good solid textbook that parents and students could understand and be challenged with at the same time. This realization became the birth of Apologia Sciences.

His approach to teaching was new and unique to many. His textbooks are written in a conversational style, ask breaking down harder concepts with simpler explanations. His books are chocked full of experiments that can be done with simple household items thereby making it easy to do. The format that he has written the text in allows the parent that doesn’t have a degree to confidently teach the course. As an added plus the parent and student has access to online help for answers to any questions they might have. The Exploring Creation With series is written with a Christian worldview giving answers to critical questions that arise from secular programs. Dr. Wile shares both his knowledge and his faith to his students without shame throughout his books.

If you have a student seeking either a science degree or a degree in the medical field this program will give them a strong knowledge of the material necessary to enter those programs with confidence. After completing the course many students go on to take the CLEP test or the Advanced Placement test that gives the student a head start on their chosen course and also saves money.

The Advanced Biology: The Human Body 2nd Edition is a college-prep, advanced study of the human body. It is recommended for grade12. It is divided into modules that extensively study 11 of the human body’s organ systems.  Each module contains:

  • Study of an individual organ
  • Colorful charts & Graphs
  • Vocabulary terms  (strong emphasis)
  • Review questions
  • An “on your own section”(contains necessary overview of the chapter)

This second addition has many new updates and will not work with the older version if you are attempting to use it in a group setting. A separate test booklet and answer guide is available along with an MP3 CD for those who prefer to learn with an audio format. If you are looking for a challenging curriculum that is clear, concise and easy to use this one is for you.

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