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Washi Tape Craft: Binder Clips

washi tape craft binders clips

Washi Tape Craft: Binder Clipswashi tape craft binders clips

Of all the washi gifts my little ones have made this year, sale I think I use the binder clips more than all of them. They are so cute and yet extremely functional. Every time I pick them up I have to smile.

We are on a washi tape craft binge this month. The little ones are learning abut giving of your time and talents to make someone else feel special.

Washi Tape Craft: Binder Clips

Today we made Binder Clips and Jumbo Clothes Pin Clips.

Washi Tape Craft: Clothes Pins

Items Needed:
Binder Clips – various sizes
Jumbo Clothes Pins
Washi Tape – several designs


  • Both of these are made basically the same directions.
  • Start the beginning of the tape inside the edge of the clothes pin or tucked under the lip of the binder clip and continue around along the outside and over the edge, cialis back towards the othe edge and either wrap end or tuck under the spring.
  • Repeat on the other side of the pin so both sides are covered.
  • Optional: Glue a magnet on one side if you plan on hanging these pins on the refrigerator.


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