10 Valentine’s Day Tot Trays

10 Valentine’s Day Tot Trays What happen’s when Spiderman stops by for Tot School? Well, according to Thaleia at Something 2 Offer…A bunch of fun Tot Tray ideas for your older toddler or preschooler! Check out these 10 simple and easy to put together ideas to help encourage your little learner this Valentine’s Day. Thaleia […]

Preschool Valentine’s Fine Motor Ideas

Preschool Valentine’s Fine Motor Ideas Don’t have a ton of money to spend on Preschool supplies? You can create some very fun activity trays focused around fine motor skills with a Valentine’s Day theme with these ideas from Something 2 Offer. Thaleia shares 5 different trays that focus on skills like pincher grasp and tracing. […]

Baby Valentine’s Day Sensory Bottles

Baby Valentine’s Day Sensory Bottles               How do you share Valentine’s Day with your tiny learner? How do you share fun, red, and shiny items with your baby? Try this easy and fun way of turning clear bottles into sensory bottles for your baby. Thaleia over at Something 2 […]

Winter Counting Mats

Bring winter into your homeschool with these super cute snowmen and penguin themed counting mats. Get 16 pages of counting practice for your preschooler. There are dot to dot numbers, diagnosis count and clip and skip counting puzzles. Visit Living Life and Learning to download this 16 page freebie.

FREE Preschool Mayflower Printable Set

Are you setting up your Thanksgiving lesson plans? Jill over at Blessed Beyond a Doubt has a download for you on the MayFlower. You can download this FREE Preschool Mayflower Printable Set at Blessed Beyond a Doubt. Inside you’ll find letter and number recognition pages, illness puzzles, poetry and more! This post may contain affiliate links.

Activity Bags for Preschoolers

Do you have a wiggly preschooler? Those lovely littles can be distracting when you’re homeschooling older kids or doing housework. Keeping them occupied can sometimes be a challenge. Activity bags are the perfect solution and they are simple to make! You’ll just need an assortment of craft & office supplies and some zip-top bags (along […]

Busy Bag Organization

We have shared some tips on hosting a busy bag swap to get supplies and assemble bags for your little ones. We have even share some ideas for what to put in your busy bags.  Today we have a great post from Free Homeschool Deals that is all about how to use those busy bags that […]

Frugal Options for Homeschool Curriculum

Do you worry that homeschool curriculum has to be expensive? Crystal over at Serving Joyfully shares how she is able to teach her boys at home and stay within her families frugal lifestyle. She shares some great resources for preschool and first grade for bible reading and more!  

Fun Busy Bags for Little Ones

If you have preschoolers or toddlers you may be wondering what do with them while you teach the older children.  Busy bags are a great way to keep those little hands busy and learning while you work with your older children. If you need some ideas check out these 12 fun busy bag ideas.

Plan a Busy Bag Swap

Busy bags are a great way to keep little ones busy while you work with your older children. Making busy bags can be a great activity to do with other families as well. Motherhood on a Dime shares 16 busy bag ideas for hosting a busy bag swap.

Letter and Letter Sounds Assessments

Learning letter sounds is an important part of learning to read. If you are looking for a way to know what letters and letter sounds you little one knows this printable chart from This Reading Mama is just what you need.  The post also has some fun ideas on using puzzle pieces to teach letter […]

135 Book Recommendations for Preschoolers

If you are looking for more books to explore with your preschooler to read, look this post from In The Playroom has 135 recommendations, shop categorized by theme. The list includes books on animals, colors, transport, counting and lots more. The more variety books children have access to the better, to help develop a strong attachment […]

Curriculum Choices: 2nd grade, tot school, baby

I know you are pondering all the wonderful resources that are available for your homeschool year next year. How about some suggestions? From 2nd grade down to an infant… This post shares The Pelsers’ curriculum choices for this, their 4th, year of homeschooling. Her ideas are fantastic. Take a peak…

Fun Alphabet Resources with Printables

Organizing for your toddlers and preschoolers can be a bit of a challenge, erectile especially when you are homeschooling older students at the same time! I love these ideas from Dollie, ambulance plus she offers FREE printables! How Your Preschooler Can Benefit From Learning Boxes Alphabet Beads Alphabet Clothespins Alphabet Tile Learning Box   Looking […]

Circle Time {Scheduling the Homeschool Day}

Circle Time by Kendra Fletcher offers an innovative way of teaching. Set aside the workbooks and look beyond what you think your school day should look like. A circle time is the perfect way to start on the same page each day. Check out Kendra’s ideas!