Homeschool Time Management Tips

A big thank you to Apologia for sponsoring this series… Some of the most useful homeschooling advice I ever received had nothing to do with curriculum or teaching methods. It was about time management. I asked a veteran homeschool mom for advice as we were starting our homeschooling journey. Fully expecting book lists and curriculum […]

Should We Take a Summer Break?

I believe every homeschooling family will face this question at least once throughout their children’s education. I have seen it rattle some mother’s hearts when the answer wasn’t easy. Let’s talk about some reasons people decide to school during the summer. 1. We need to catch up. Child #1 still has four chapters of math before he […]

Where to stay for a convention

I remember well my first homeschool convention. We didn’t book our hotel in time and ended up staying a few miles from the convention site. While this might not sound like a big deal, those few miles cost us BIG. Instead of spending hours in encouraging or practical sessions, we spent them in traffic. Instead […]

Homeschool Convention Survival Guide & Printable

Homeschool Convention season is upon us! I won’t lie. I love this time of the year. I’m the person who looks forward to a homeschool convention all year long. Are you going to your first convention this year? Congratulations! It is worth every penny and it will be a very valuable experience for you. But […]

How to Select the Right Homeschool Convention

It’s been said that we should follow our hearts. But, when it comes to selecting anything, we should follow God’s heart. That includes selecting the Homeschool Convention(s) we should attend.  It’s so incredibly important to ensure that we know research and identify if a convention is going to line up with our beliefs and faith […]

7 myths about homeschool conventions

  I’ve been to 8 different homeschool conventions: 4 as a parent and 4 as an evaluator/curriculum consultant. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve bought the t-shirt, browsed the curriculum, and gleaned from dozens of great speakers. I’m kind of a homeschool convention junkie. Every year when convention season rolls around, […]

Mid-Year Review with FREE Printable

  Each year during our Christmas break from schooling, I complete a mid-year review of our homeschooling progress. This is a great tool for me, as it shows me how much we have already accomplished but yet it gives me a chance to really assess the situation, to determine what is working well {or not […]

Oh No! I Over-shopped!

It’s that time of year again – Back To School. Schools are starting up and, viagra 40mg as usual, many fliers are coming to my house with the latest sales on school supplies, books, and super-cute classroom ideas. It’s like the big stores are reading my mind! Once upon a time I was the girl […]

Planning Field Trips for Science

One time I was asked what my favorite subject to teach was.  I had a hard time answering the question because I love science and history.  Both of them are such exciting subjects to me, and incredibly easy to make hands on.  Today science is on my mind because we had our first field trip […]

Help! I’m Not a Planner!

Photo Credit   It’s that time of year–well, for many anyway. Time for homeschool planning to kick into high gear! Time to get out that shiny, pretty, just-waiting-to-be-filled planner or print out those planning pages. Time to hope and dream of field trips, hands-on projects, and reading the classics (or whatever thrills you!) But what […]

Getting Ready for a Hands On School Year

I don’t know about you, but I love Back to School time.  I wander through the aisles of Target, Wal-Mart, and my local grocery store looking at all the new school supplies.  I dream about what we’re going to do, the new year has so much promise. When I took history in high school my […]

Habits and Schedules

Awhile back, before we moved our homeschool to the country, I was asked by one of my readers, “how do you stay on schedule or task, each day?” Besides the busyness from moving, I had to really think about that one. I’m usually pretty quick in my educated responses to people… but this one really […]

Setting & Achieving Goals in Your Homeschool

Summertime activities in our home are many: gardening, playing outside, taking in the local sights, being with friends, or maybe just hanging out indoors near our window air conditioner when life gets to hot. One other summertime activity I try to do is to evaluate our family’s long term goals and to set new goals […]