How to Make a Mid-Year Assessment for Your Homeschool

It’s about that time of the year when we wonder how things are going in our homeschool. Why wonder? There are easy and informal ways to see how your children are doing and give yourself much needed encouragement and reassurance. Of course, you may find a few areas that need a little more attention. Better now […]

Planning for High School

Planning for a high schooler is a scary thought for most homeschool parents, but it doesn’t have to be! In this fantastic post, Dollie Freeman shares how she plans for her high schoolers. You won’t want to miss these excellent ideas!  

Circle Time {Scheduling the Homeschool Day}

Circle Time by Kendra Fletcher offers an innovative way of teaching. Set aside the workbooks and look beyond what you think your school day should look like. A circle time is the perfect way to start on the same page each day. Check out Kendra’s ideas!  

Planning your WHOLE Homeschool Year

Planning out the whole school year can be a wonderful blessing, but where do you start? Can that much planning really be done? Kendra Fletcher shares how she plans the whole school year for her family of 8 in this 4 part series! You’re sure to find some encouragement!

FREE Digital Planner

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big fan of paper and pencil planners. I was so excited with Teach Them Diligently shared this one! Best of all, you get 3 months FREE when you register for any of their 2014 conventions. Not sure you want to go?  Read this post on why […]

FREE Printable: Homeschool Attendance Record

If your state requires you to keep attendance, you will love this FREE printable. It’s one of the few that offers the whole semester on ONE PAGE. I love simple! Plus Lauren offers a unique way to remember to keep up with your attendance. I’m definitely going to try it.  

How to Plan the Whole School Year

Since I’m the planning type, I’m of the mindset that you can NEVER plan too much! I love planning for the whole school year at once. Have you ever tried it? This post is excellent, offering details instructions for how she plans the whole year with ease. You’ll love it!

Ultimate List of FREE planning Resources

My sweet friend, vialis 40mg Jamerrill, has an amazing post to share on Homeschool Planning. Best of all, everything is FREE: Free Homeschool planning list, free homeschool planners, forms, and more. This list is sure to offer up an excellent resource for your homeschool planning needs!

Homeschool Scheduling 101

If you are like any other homeschooler, try the clock has glared 11:45am only to find your family still fumbling to get school started. Veteran homeschool mom of 8, buy offers my favorite solution: click over out find out how this can revolutionize how you do homeschool!

The Homeschool Schedule: How to Manage Preschoolers

It’s a question that comes up often. How do I homeschool my children with tiny tots and preschoolers at my feet all day? I think you will be richly blessed and encouraged by veteran homeschool mom of 8, Kendra Fletcher. Her expertise was well earned in the trenches with her older children, but she still […]

Homeschool Lesson Planning: the Basics

Whether it’s day-to-day or yearly goals, lesson planning requires, well, planning. You’ll enjoy LaToya’s homeschooling expertise in this great post! Homeschool Planning 101: Lesson Plans

Goal setting with the kids…FREE printable!

It’s the perfect time of the year to start the most effective habit you can have: goal setting. Better yet, bring that goal setting into your homeschool and put it into your kids’ hands with this excellent FREE printable. Make Your Goals Work For YOU!   Happy planning!

An Orange for Frankie Book Activities with Printables

An Orange for Frankie is one of my favorite Christmas books that I read to my children each year.  Patricia Polacco, the granddaughter of one of Frankie’s sisters, shares the true story of Frankie, who lived during the Great Depression and knew the joy of giving, even when there was little to give in their own […]

Hands-On Fun with The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey

Jonathan Toomey is the best woodcarver in the valley, but he is always alone and never smiles. No one knows about the mementos of his lost wife and child that he keeps in an unopened drawer. But one early winter’s day, a widow and her young son approach him with a gentle request that leads […]

Top 10 Literacy Apps for Primary Grades

This post contains affiliate links. This series is sponsored by my absolute favorite homeschool organizing tool…Scholaric Planner. Scholaric makes my planning life a breeze! Just last year, we bit the bullet and bought our family an iPad.  I am so glad we did.  We used it almost every day to reinforce literacy skills, not to […]