Loving Our Children Right Where They Are

  Having a 22, 15 & 10 year old, loving each child right where they are is not always easy. As a mother we hold our children to such a higher standard that we forget this is their walk, we just love them through it. Learning to ask God when we need help will always […]

Finishing the Year Strong

Even though we are close to finishing school, mentally,  I have already skipped over these last few weeks, and right into summer. I want to be free. School should be over already! As tempting as it is to say that we are, “close enough” and call it quits, I refuse. We are not done yet. I […]

Giving, Without Giving Up

Most of us are pretty busy people. In my own life, I am barely keeping up. When I think of giving my time to others, it sometimes feels overwhelming. Yet, isn’t that what Jesus told us to do?  How can we give, and teach our children to give, when we are over-scheduled and busy? First, there are two areas […]

How to Keep Your New Years Resolutions

  The New Year is a time when many of us decide to make a fresh start. For some of us it’s making new habits and for others it’s about breaking old ones. Our goals can range from changing things that affect our whole family to personal goals. Whatever it is you are thinking about […]

Flexibility Matters

I would say that most of us who homeschool know that a great benefit is that we can be flexible in our scheduling. What I didn’t expect and always seems to haunt me is the guilt that goes along with venturing from the norm or changing my planned schedule. I know that we homeschool so that we […]

Books for Beginning Homeschoolers

Are you just beginning to homeschool or do research on homeschooling? I recently asked on The Homeschool Village’s Facebook page, what homeschool book would you recommend to someone who is beginning to homeschool?  I thought I would share those with you all.  Even if you have been homeschooling for several years, I think these books […]

Teaching Our Children Compassion

When our children were little, one way my husband and I taught them compassion was by showing them that the poor choices they made could hurt others. For example, if my child took another child’s toy I might say to him, “Johnny see you made Jill cry because you took her toy.” That was age […]

Keeping Up With Standards

  This is a confession. I would ask you not to laugh but I laugh every time I think of this.   I like to check out the state SOL’s (Standards of Learning) every now and then to see if my children are on target with their learning. I do not feel the need to […]

The Polar Bear Plunge!

How I can remember the first morning standing at the front door watching the yellow bus drive by. I can remember the coffee freezing for a moment in my throat. Was I doing the right thing? This was going to be big, viagra buy life altering day. My daughter was in her pajamas and finishing […]

Storms of Life Getting You Down?

People are going through so much these days. Parenting issues, financial issues, relationship problems, and homeschool struggles… just to name a few. I’ve seen and heard from a lot of struggling people. Lots of hardships. The sad stories keep coming. Just when I think I’ve heard the worst… someone else shares yet another sad situation. […]

Simple Tips for Mothering

Motherhood is complicated. Motherhood is full of details, selflessness, discovery and quick growth. Motherhood is an around the clock job that requires everything a woman has to give. and sometimes more. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. Motherhood is one of the hardest things you will ever do… Yet, as I’m sure you […]

Homeschooling During Life Challenges

One of the many reasons that I love homeschooling, is the freedom to be able to homeschool through the different life challenges that pop up when you least expect it. Whether it be bringing home a new baby, a chronic illness, a death of a loved one or moving.  For us, it happened with the […]

The “Perfect” First Day of School

Once upon a time I thought that we would have the best year of school if I found the perfect day or week to start school.  A day when life was settled, ed the laundry was caught up, remedy the phone did not ring, cialis thing went as planned, and most importantly, the kids were […]

When God Takes Over Your Homeschooling

When the Lord calls you into a direction you thought you would never be, He will equip you to fulfill the task. I had to learn this the hard way. I grew up in a public school and thought that I turned out ok but that was 20 years ago. Things have changed a ton […]

Making Room for Dad in Our Homeschool

When my children were toddlers, recipe I was the one primarily responsible for bedtime preparations because of my husband’s work schedule. On the weekends and holidays, erectile when their daddy was home and taking an active role in household routines, check the girls would complain, “Daddy doesn’t do it right!” When I asked what they […]