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A Thanksgiving Picture Study that Charlotte Mason Would Have Loved

A Thanksgiving Picture Study that Charlotte Mason Would Have Loved www.thehomeschoolvillage.com

I absolutely love using picture books in our homeschooling, but only if the pictures are captivating and worthy of adding to our study of a subject, like a Thanksgiving picture study. Charlotte Mason encouraged her students to appreciate art through picture study and I have found that all of my children have benefited from her method, especially when implementing it in the early years of a toddler.

Here are 10 Picture Books that I would recommend for a Thanksgiving Picture Study:

  1. The First Thanksgiving by Jean Craighead George – Illustrator Thomas Locker has done an amazing job at capturing the life of the early pilgrims told by Jean, my children’s favorite author when in elementary school.  
  2. Squanto’s Journey by Joseph Bruchac – Illustrator Greg Shed has done an exceptional job painting the life of Squanto, as he tells about it within the book. This could be your child’s first experience with a biography, but it won’t be the last one they will want to read.
  3. The Memory Cupboard: A Thanksgiving Story by Charlotte Herman – Illustrator Ben F. Stahl will shock you with the gorgeous illustrations of this heart touching Thanksgiving story that makes family traditions special.
  4. N.C. Wyeth’s Pilgrims by Robert D. San Souci – N.C. Wyeth is one painter you will want to be sure to introduce your children to and nothing better than at the Thanksgiving season to do that!
  5. P is for Pilgrim: A Thanksgiving Alphabet by Carol Crane – Illustrator Helle Urban has done a delightful job with this wonderful picture book that even your younger children will love!
  6. The Pilgrim’s First Thanksgiving by Anne McGovern – Illustrator Elroy Freem has captured the long and difficult journey on the Mayflower to the first Thanksgiving in wonderful paintings.
  7. Sarah Gives Thanks by Mike Allegra – Illustrator David Gardner’s work isn’t at the top of my list of favorites, but coupled with the story of how Thanksgiving became a national holiday has earned it my recommendation for a Thanksgiving picture study.
  8. Give Thanks to the Lord by Karma Wilson – Illustrator Amy June Bates has captured the wonderful things about the season of Thanksgiving and helped us, through pictures see the importance of giving thanks to the Lord for all of His blessings.
  9. An Outlaw Thanksgiving by Emily Arnold McCully – Illustrating her own story, Emily has done a great job sharing suspense, excitement and has even added historical events making this one that your children will fall in love with. I personally LOVE the maps! (call me crazy!)
  10. Saying Grace: A Prayer of Thanksgiving by Virginia Kroll – Illustrator Tim Ladwig has done it! This nature lover has fallen in love with his illustration so creatures to go along with the story of a pioneer family’s first Thanksgiving.

I hope you have enjoy this list of books to have your own thanksgiving picture study with your family. If you are looking for more artist to study, be sure to check out my post 10 Artist Charlotte Mason Would Want Your Kids to Know.

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Dollie Freeman, is a veteran homeschooler who has educated her children with the Charlotte Mason way from preschool through high school. She shares about finding joy in the everyday of home, family and homeschool on her blog, Teachers of Good Things.

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