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Read through the book of Matthew in December!


As part of our Christmas Book Tour, I thought it was important to include, of course, scripture!

Here is a schedule that will allow you and your family to read through the entire book of Matthew through the month of December.  I have always felt the story of Jesus birth needed to followed by the even more incredible story of His life.   This schedule will beckon your family to really enter in to the life of Jesus as He walked this earth.  Let’s refresh our souls with the full account of His birth, life, ministry, death, and resurrection!  What better gift could we receive this Christmas than the amazing gift of eternal life He gives.

The babe in a manger is an amazing story – but it doesn’t end there!   Enjoy reading and discussing the following scriptures all month long as you embrace the celebration of Christ.



We start our reading on Sunday, December 1st.

December 1st – Matthew 1: 17- 24

2nd – Matt. 2: 1-12

3rd – Matt. 2: 13-23

4th – Matt. 3

5th – Matt. 4

6th – Matt. 5: 1- 16

7th – Matt. 5: 17-25

8th – Matt. 5:27-48

9th – Matt. 6

10th – Matt. 7

11th – Matt. 8

12th – Matt. 9

13th – Matt. 10

14th – Matt. 11

15th – Matt. 12

16th – Matt. 13

17th – Matt. 14

18th – Matt. 15

19th – Matt. 16

20th – Matt. 17

21st – Matt. 18

22nd – Matt. 19

23rd – Matt. 20

24th – Matt. 21

25th – Matt. 22

26th – Matt. 23

27th – Matt. 24

28th – Matt. 25

29th – Matt. 26

30th – Matt. 27

31st – Matt. 28


Sending you the warmest greetings and prayers for a December filled with His truth and light.


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  • Tracey M. says:

    Thank you! Is there a PDF printable of this reading plan? I would love to print it out and put it with my Bible.

  • This is perfect my dd Sunday school teacher just asked her to read through Matthew so this will help her.

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