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Dealing with Hearing Loss and How to Get a FREE Hearing Test

Dealing with Hearing Loss and How to Get a FREE Hearing Test

Dealing with Hearing Loss and How to Get a FREE Hearing Test

Dealing with Hearing Loss and How to Get a FREE Hearing Test

Hearing problems run in our family. Several of our children have mild to moderate hearing issues and so we have always watched for signs as they got older.

Our oldest daughter, Katrina struggles with surrounding noises. When she was about three we found out that she had about a 70% hearing loss but they were able to correct a lot of it with surgery. Even with the surgery, she struggles when there are competing sounds she is trying to concentrate on. She compensates by lip reading and you would never know she had any issues as long as you were looking at her when speaking. Walk behind or in front of her, and you soon realized you were talking to yourself.

Even family gatherings can be stressful when you can’t hear or are not able to keep up. And with our family…

Dealing with Hearing Loss and How to Get a FREE Hearing Test

Things are always loud and crazy with multiple conversations going on at the same time. It can be a challenge just being at the same with all of us!

Our youngest daughter and baby, Meagan was our super late talker. She just seems a little behind in the conversations. Someone would tell a joke or something funny would happen on the television and everyone else would have stopped laughing and then Meagan would bust a gut in laughter. She we started to notice this happening more, she started pulling back and not participating as much.

Dealing with Hearing Loss and How to Get a FREE Hearing Test

Her hearing test showed not only a moderate hearing loss but a hearing delay as well. Meg has a full six seconds from the time her ear “hears” the sound waves and when her brain engages. Think about how many questions you can fire off in six seconds!

When she was little my concern was that she would not respond when there was an emergency. As a family we compensated by everyone saying her name..pausing..and then continuing with our question or conversation with her. She also has taught herself to read lips to a certain extent but she is also the one that is always scanning and observing the room to make sure she knows what is going on around her.

Knowing the struggles my girls had and how hard they still work to keep up; makes me want to make sure that no one else feels left out or isolated because they are missing too much of the conversation.

So we are happy to share how you can get your hearing tested for free at a Miracle-Ear® Center near you.

Dealing with Hearing Loss and How to Get a FREE Hearing Test

Hearing loss affects both young and let’s just say, the more mature. That is where I fit in. I have been telling my children that my ears are a lot older than theirs and that is why I find it hard to hear them at times and why I like to listen to my music and television shows turned way up.

I think I have known for a while that I don’t have the hearing I had decades ago but just haven’t wanted to go and have it confirmed. It’s not like hearing aids change who you are..they just help you be all you can and want to be. So I will be seeing the good people at Miracle Ear myself.

Usually hearing loss happens so gradually that no one notices it until the loss is severe. This is especially true when you are not around the person all the time. Take your grandparents for example, if you are only visiting a couple of times a month, you may notice it but they won’t. And bringing up the subject of needing hearing aids isn’t always easy.

Don’t let being uncomfortable get in your way from helping someone you love to hear better and be able to remain more involved in their lifestyle.

And now thanks to Miracle-Ear® cost can not be one of the excuses. Simply locate a Miracle-Ear® location near you and set up an appointment. Make one for yourself and your partner, parent or grandparent. Make is a family day!

Along with having your hearing tested, you will learn about the Miracle-Ear® newest technology – GENIUS 2.0 with Speech Isolation.

We believe that hearing should be as easy as possible in a variety of environments and by combining three key technologies – digital noise reduction, directionality and amplification – our very own Speech Isolation defines easy listening. GENIUS 2.0 builds on the superior audibility and key features introduced with GENIUS, but takes this brand new cutting-edge technology to the next level!

Music Master is designed to enrich the quality of music and provide maximum enjoyment for listening to music. With three music settings – Concert, Playback and Performer – wearers will enjoy a variety of music. GENIUS 2.0 is designed to deliver excellent music fidelity whether listening to music or performing.

Echo Guard stops sound from reflecting off of surfaces such as ceilings and walls in reverberant environments. GENIUS 2.0 Echo Guard provides a comfortable setting for wearers by softening the reflected sound for better sound quality. Wearers no longer need to avoid difficult-to-hear places where sounds bounce off of the walls.

Phone Surround transmits the phone signal from one ear to both ears when using a handheld phone. The signal is automatically detected by a magnet and wirelessly sends the signal, surrounding the wearer, and provides better understanding without the need for an additional accessory. GENIUS 2.0 provides an improved listening experience for telephone calls.

As part of this new technology, the wireless CROS/BiCROS solution is designed for those with unilateral hearing loss. The CROS RIC transmitter is worn on the unaidable ear and wirelessly sends the signal to any GENIUS 2.0 wireless hearing aid on the other ear, allowing the wearer to hear sounds from both sides.

What are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment to speak with a Miracle-Ear hearing instrument specialist today!


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  • This is good information. One thing I read people think that hearing loss means you don’t hear sound. Sometimes it means you can hear sound, such as people talking, but it is garbled, you can’t discern it. So esp if you are a mature person and have a hard time discerning what is being said, even though you hear them fine, it could be hearing loss.

  • Free testing is good. My mom had hearing loss.

  • Many people have hearing loss and don’t realize it

  • Melissa Black says:

    So important for every member of the family to have healthy ears!

  • Judy Thomas says:

    My father was deaf so it has made me even more aware of how important it is to test your child’s hearing.

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