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Finding Your Homeschool Groove


Finding your homeschool groove can take plenty of trial and error.  Finding your groove involves nothing more than being in a comfortable spot with your day.

Notice I don’t say a perfect day, I said a comfortable day.

We are getting ready to embark on our 7th year of home education.  I have found some strategies to help our household get into a homeschool groove.  After six years I should have a few ideas, otherwise I would have given up this homeschooling gig a long time ago!

Helpful Tips to Finding Your Homeschool Groove

Begin the Night Before

An important strategy for me begins the night before our homeschool day even begins.  Before we go to bed for the night, I make sure the kitchen is clean, dishes in the dishwasher, an empty sink, and cleared off counter tops.  Then we do a quick sweep of our main living area, stow away toys, straighten up the couch, put away books etc.  Nothing makes me feel more  “behind” for the day than coming downstairs to a messy house.

Meal Planning

Another tactic is a simple one, meal planning.  Having a written plan of what I’m having for each meal is all it takes.  The meals don’t have to be elaborate, but unless you are serving oatmeal for breakfast, PB & J for lunch, and spaghetti for dinner, every single day of the week for the rest of your life, write it down.  It’s also helpful for big kids who can help get a meal going.  A written meal plan can help you remember that you need to take something out to defrost for the crock pot in the morning.

The Rhythm of Routine

The next idea is to have a routine or a rhythm to your day.  No strict schedule is necessary unless that works for your family.  An easy routine of prayers, breakfast, school work, lunch, quiet time, etc. works very well.  Children like to know what comes next, it makes everyone more productive to have some time boundaries.  Don’t underestimate the power of a good routine.

Be Confident

Finally, and I think this is most important, be confident.

Be confident that homeschooling is a good choice for your family, be confident in the resources or curriculum that you are using, be confident that your children are being well educated.

Your children will sense your confidence in your abilities and therefore they will relax and feel more secure.  Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing, and do what works for your family and before long you will realize that you too are in your homeschool groove.



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  • Love it, Jen. I especially need to think about the next day the night before. It makes all the difference. Also, getting up before the kiddos and having a personal quiet time is a must. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Carol! Yes, getting up before everyone else is a non-negotiable!

  • Jen {nice name by the way!},
    Great tips!

    My biggest hang up is not want to clean after the day is done. I have spent all day cleaning up messes and I don’t want to do any more!!! {Can you hear the whining and pouting in that sentence?} But it will bless me and make my day run more smoothly.

    Meal planning is something that escapes me. I have tried and failed and tried again and failed some more. But I do love having the crockpot going during the day. 🙂

    May your new school year be blessed!


    • I hear ya loud and clear!! You can try and come up with 7-10 dinners that your family enjoys, write them down and then just rotate through for a couple of weeks, gradually adding new things if it strikes your fancy 🙂 Many blessings on your year too!

  • Great tips! I’ve found too that a few minutes of planning and preparation the night before makes a world of difference in our school days.

  • Thank you for sharing the helpful tips! I know it is important for me to get prepared the night before as well. It helps make the morning time run a lot smoother. It also helps us to have a routine. If we are out of our routine for any length of time, you can really tell it. I agree with Carol about having a quiet time. That helps me the most, as I am ready to face the day by being in God’s word first.

    • a routine is so helpful, thanks for your comment!

  • I’m right with you on needing to wake up to a clean house. Even if it’s just a room or two. We are a family of 10 and a VERY small house. 750 sq ft small! I need to have the kitchen and dining room clean the night before or I feel very behind all day. Getting up before the kids is another must for me. I don’t always do it but it really helps me get my head on for the day when I do. Bible time and coffee and I’m set for the day!

    • Absolutely, walking into a tidy space just helps start the day out right. Have a great weekend!

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